Nov 07

sara jay

In the video below the illustrious Sara Jay—of your XXX dreams—combines humor and experience to explain to us what exactly we should and should not do when meeting she or any other porn star out in public. The list is pretty damn funny and seems spot on since I’ve seen fools react in many of these ways with not only porn stars but with celebrities as well.

Some of you are probably wondering “well damn, where you seeing porn stars at?” well if you live in California or Florida chances are you passed one by in the grocery store… you just have to be paying attention. The last time I encountered a starlet was in a Subway while on break from work. I recognized the tattoos and checked myself so that I wasn’t staring… let her eat her lunch and moved on with my life. Why would I want to meet her anyway? Don’t answer that!

Pro-tip: Unless you run into the porn star at a signing, the award show, or in a strip club where they are featured, just let them be since they may not be looking for the attention. Keep it classy.

Here’s a quick rundown of Sara’s list of things to be aware of when seeing a lovely lady that you’ve fapped to… keeping it real here. Just remember to keep it classy gentlemen, even if you’re not thinking with the northern head.

Sara Jay’s Guide to Pornstar Fan Etiquette

  1. Don’t Tell Me Who I Am.
  2. Remember, I Don’t Know You.
  3. Don’t Touch.
  4. Have Something To Say.
  5. Have Your Camera Ready.
  6. Be Considerate.
  7. Don’t Be Creepy.
  8. Be Prepared For An Autograph.
  9. No Kids.
  10. Don’t Ask Inappropriate Questions.
  11. Don’t Make A Scene.

Have you seen people doing any of the above things? I know I have and it was embarrassing for me as a man to see another man carry on that way. What do you think denizens?

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  • Lonnie F

    I don’t disagree with the vid, but Sara Jay kills my buzz. I’m serious. Not that I run into pornstars, but if I did she would have to really be one of my faves for me to even remotely violate any of these. What are the odds of that? And I’d probably appreciate her even more with her clothes on anyway as long as she knows how to dress.

    And no matter how respectful we may try to be what’s not to say that some random dude won’t just jump in and blow up the spot?

    Gotta say if I’ve been drinking… all bets are off. Look out!

  • 700WAYZ

    How do I become a pornstar