May 29

arguing asian couple

Sometimes curiosity can get the better of a man and cause more problems than we need in our lives. We ask things knowing we won’t like the answer then say and do something stupid out of reaction to it only to end up apologizing or losing the love of our lives for it. Some things are best left a mystery and I will explain why and how you should move your mind past it.

1. How Many Men Have You Slept With?

Some men have this wondrous illusion that they will go out to the Club, meet the hottest women living and she will end up being as pure as a virgin having had sex with one ex-boyfriend and that’s it. This is dumbass thinking, it really is and it is void of all logic being that women get down just like men get down. So why would you ask her how many men she has slept with before you? Did you think about that before you shoved your tongue down her throat, slept with her, and decided she would be your girl? What exactly do you want to know for? Don’t do it.

2. Information about Her Ex

Keep that fool a mystery or be ready to hear a lot of things that you will not like. He may have been a sexual champion, he may have been loaded with money, a classic romantic; all things to make you feel inadequate as a man because chance are you are asking to run a comparison check. I have never asked a woman about her ex and I have remained happy for it.

3. If She Slept With Her Male BFF Before

Just assume she did and he’s stuck in the friend-zone hoping for round 2 because that’s how you feel about him anyway right? What do you expect to hear if you ask a woman if she slept with a guy who happens to be her childhood friend, or a gay bff? It makes you look like an insecure ass and you will have an argument despite what the answer is.

Just be honest with the situation, you don’t like some other guy hanging around your woman so go at the situation from that standpoint instead of probing for information about the dude. Be a man and come clean with it, let her know that you are uncomfortable with dude being around and deal with it.

 * * * *

Many veterans of the relationship game will tell you that they have asked any number of things like this in the past and have learned not to go there. The bottom-line is this: if you want to remain happy, do not ask questions that you don’t really want the answers to.

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