Oct 17

donk booty envy

Awhile back I did an article on men getting penile implants for the sake of feeling “manly” around other men rather than for sexual prowess as they would like us to believe. As with many other insecurities that are 100% on a personal level there is always a tendency to place blame on the opposite sex whenever we are the ones who truly dislike ourselves.

On a personal level I have dated 2 very different women, one was top heavy (big breasts) with gams that were envied by most onlooking women–but her butt was small, and another had a donk (plump booty) but her breasts were at most a B-cup. Would you believe that both of these women would complain on a constant basis for lack of having a big ass or breasts? In my man’s mind I wondered at their complaints because to me they were both equally perfect. But let them tell it – it’s the men who make them complain.

Is Bitter The New Black?

An insecure woman is an insecure woman even if she is built like Marisa Elise and has a face like Mila Kunis. Men the world over have marveled at women who seemingly have it all in the looks department but still found it necessary to complain about the patriarchal society and how the men were making them feel less than and needing to run out and get breast, lip and butt implants to be acceptable.

This is not acceptable ladies, let’s be real here; the main reason that women are insecure is because of other women. As a sex women can be a lot more competitive than men when it comes to looks and the reason why a flat butt girl who is drop-dead gorgeous would want a butt implant is to compete with the Coco T rip-off that she figures has a one-up on her.

Ice and Coco T

If men were truly to blame for women being insecure then my assortment of friends would not have coined the term kryptonite for the variety of women that each and every one of us is weak for. I have one friend who likes waifs–skinny, 1980’s era hot–and I have another who likes a built woman – Bria Myles caliber. One friend is into red-heads no matter the body-type and another just loves the hell out of caramel colored black women.

Men’s taste are as varied as they are simple and women know this – yet find it necessary to point the finger and write bull crap that we are the ones to blame for them slicing and dicing their bodies into oblivion.

I am all for placing blame where it firmly belongs–hell men cause more insecurities on other men than anything else–but I simply refuse to entertain the all too convenient blame a man for my issues because he won’t argue back. No, YOU are the reason for your issues and if you think that a man doesn’t love slim women as much as he does thick ones I have a few fellas that want to say hi to you.

Blame your wanting to keep up with Nicki Minaj and Jessica Rabbit on your own issues and keep a man’s name out of your mouth. There has never been anything cute or appealing about insecurities or blame games, and when writers and panelists try to project nonsense on us men it really shows us how beyond hope you are as a woman.

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  • JussSayin

    Just wanted to add some insight (as a woman). First of all, I completely understand and agree with your point. We all have to take ownership for our own thoughts and feelings (insecurities). However, in some situations a secure woman can become insecure if she sees her man looking at and talking about women who don’t look like her. That causes confusion, because he is with her and obviously likes her, so why is he also into women who look drastically different from her? This is where the insecurity can “come from guys” as well.

  • g janus

    The bottom line is women want what other women have….or they want a man who just is not into them for any valid reason. the problem with women is if a man adores her she thinks that man is an idiot loser, cus if he loves me there must be something wrong with him.

  • T

    I kind of agree, but at least in my experience some guys do contribute to this: I’m naturally slim and long time ago, I came to terms with this and was happy with my body. (Don’t have big boobs or booty, but I know i have a nice figure, have a great face & overall sexiness (all this i’ve been told by other guys), I do suffer the goodlooking woman problems that you describe in another post) Some time ago i met a guy who came to me (i did not flirt with him or try to get his attention) & started seeing him. Months later in a casual convo, he tells me that he’s not with me, because Im lacking boobs and booty. (I wonder, why did he hit on me if he wasnt attracted to me; he made it sound as if i was his consolation price). Later on i met another guy. Out of the blue, he will say things like “you are gorgeous and have a great personality, but you are too skinny”. So again, I wonder: if they “dislike my body type so much”, why did they hit on me and why do they feel so compelled to say this to me. (Its not like im trying to pressure them into something). Its like they are trying to find some reason to convince themselves that they don’t want to be with me. If they are not attracted me, they are free to look for another woman they fancy more, but still they want sex with me