Jul 05

I will say this from the male perspective and I mean this with the utmost honesty. And this is something I have said on many occasions:  Men in general of any race, creed, or color “aint sh**”. What I mean by that is that we are have the same intrinsic want and you can guess what that is…“THE NONCIE”. I don’t care what color he is the majority of what a man does is for a woman. Every man has different ways of going about it and what his overall life goal is but I bet you one thing…it involves “noncie”. I have friends from all backgrounds and we may have differences in culture, beliefs, politics, and sports affiliations but one thing that stays consistent among all of us is the desire for noncie. With that being said if you feel all black men are dogs and don’t want to settle down I can show you the white men, Asian men, and Hispanic men who don’t want to settle down either but they just play their game with another set of rules. I’m sure women can say the same thing among each other. There are bad seeds in every race in the dating pool. Every relationship no matter what color they are is hard work…

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  • shay

    I just don’t see how yall can put this article up but also have an article on here titled “Are black women to much drama to date?”
    Seems a little contradictory to me……I hear a lot more brothas complaining about black women and bragging about anything but.

    • There’s absolutely nothing contradictory about “Are Black Women Too Much Drama To Date?“, it just takes an actual read of the article itself past the title to see this. We promote the love and coupling of men and women of every shade on this site so I challenge you to find any article saying otherwise. Titles are written for 2 reasons – to promote the article and to get good placement on search engines. When reading online magazines and blogs it’s always a good idea to at least check out the first paragraph of any given story before passing judgment.

      You are also redirecting blame which is the weakest way to argue. There will always be someone doing worst than you at something so how is pointing the finger at them getting you off the hook? This article blamed men AND women for using race as a crutch to say well “them over there will treat me better” and he attacks the idea not the people or the gender.

      Please, do yourself a favor and actually READ both articles.