Jan 13

This is a formal request to all male celebrities to stop sending your groupies pictures of your deal. I know that you get excited when you meet a new, sexy chick and you feel empowered in sending her a pic and having her tell you how big you are, but as with anything else you need to use the big head and not the little one. If you are going to send the nasty d-ck picture you need to make sure that it is as abstract as possible ie: nobody should be able to tell it’s you if it gets in the wrong hands. So full body shots, MySpace shots and the between the legs, bird’s eye view shot isn’t recommended.

The reason I felt a need to address this is due to the amount of embittered exes that are posting pictures of naked males on the internet. One day it’s Bishop Eddie Long, the next it’s Kanye West. Of course this all started with the men posting the cell phone shots of their exes like Vida Guerra, Rihanna and many others. Sure it’s revenge and sure many fans appreciate the images of their celeb crushes in the raw but the issue wouldn’t be there had they played it safe to begin with.

Look when Kanye West’s picture was shown all over the internet he took it as a badge of honor. He bragged about it in song and he capitalized on it which in turn downplayed the scandal. But Kanye is used to the fire, these last few years has been tough on him and he has found a way to embrace the world’s hate of his antics. Many of us aren’t Kanye West, we are employees and owners who value our work and will fail if our image is tarnished. Imagine your most private secrets revealed to the scrutiny of the world… most can’t handle it and you will get fired. Keep it in your pants or inside your bedroom – a cell phone is not the place for a peep show.

“I will say that Rihanna’s personal pics made me an instant fan, as it showed her to be a naturally beautiful and blessed hawte… for her it was a bad mistake that went a bit too far”G.Dragon.

Not saying that you can’t send a sexy image to your beau but when you are in as vulnerable a position as a celebrity, you really ought to think before you act. And quite honestly, I am not a fan of seeing your nasty penises when I Google image your name – not cool man, not cool at all. If you are a man over 30 years old, consider this – what kind of look is that for you? Can you imagine Barrack Obama, George Bush or Bill Cl… wait don’t answer that. I’m just saying, respectful men of power aren’t running around texting women pictures of their dicks!

At the end of the day, there are men of honor and there’s trash. If you err on the side of trash, do yourself the favor and keep your face out of the picture.

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