Jan 31

ray lewis champion

Ray Lewis could very well play his last game on Sunday, and whether Ravens win or lose the Super Bowl it will be a dream ending. 

Ed Reed says that Lewis may not be done, and could get an itch to play next year, but that’s a discussion for another time.  It’s only fitting that Lewis had to go through two of the biggest Titans in the NFL to get there.  He conquered two men at the top of the food chain in their respective careers, and bested both of them facing the end of his career..  Football may be a team game, but the Ravens have galvanized themselves around Ray Lewis.

When Lewis announced he was retiring it spurned a lot of reaction mostly positive, but there were those who saw fit to bring up the 2000 murders of Jacinth Baker and Richard Lollar during the super bowl week in Atlanta.  These people consistently want to focus on the portion of Lewis’s life that is the most controversial, and discounted the fact that he was not convicted. 

ray lewis danceLewis also did what most would not do; he agreed to testify against the people who were with him that allegedly committed the murders. Eventually Reginald Oakley and Joseph Sweeting were acquitted due to lack of evidence; there was nothing there to convict those men of murder.  A fight started and got out of hand, and unfortunately two men lost their lives.  This happens every day in America, but the arm chair pundits only seem to care when it involves some one famous, and want to assign guilt to that person no matter how innocent they look. 

Even Wes Welker’s wife felt the need to weigh in with an opinion in a highly embarrassing case of sour grapes on her part.

Then this week out of the blue comes a man who claims Lewis used a banned substance that was named after deer antlers.   The measure of a person is how they respond to controversy and criticism, and Lewis put his life on a positive path after the trial was over and ignored all of the white noise from the negativity in the media.  Through the Ray Lewis 52 Foundation and other philanthropy outlets, Lewis has changed more lives in a positive manner than most of the people who won’t let the decade old murder trial rest in the past.  The owner of the deer antler spray company has chosen to use the Super Bowl as a platform to promote his business and get his 15 minutes of fame at Lewis’s expense.

Even with all that has gone on Lewis has remained a professional, responded to the pundits in brief statements and refused to dwell on them.  You will see how a true professional and a player who does things the right way responds when the Super Bowl kicks off on Sunday, as Lewis may put on his best performance yet.

When people look back 10 years from now, they won’t be talking about deer antler spray or Anna Burns Welker, and the voices about the murder trial will have faded to a whisper.  In 10 years Ray Lewis will be in the hall of fame because he was one of the best defensive players to ever play the game, and a leader of men who helped the people around him realize their potential.

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  • What he has accomplished on the field has been amazing. He deserves to be known for far more than something he was not convicted of.

    • You know, if there was any aspect of change that I wish I could rewind in our society it would be the sensationalized, TMZ standard of covering athletes and celebrities. We should love the sport, not the hottest women these guys date, the cars they drive, or the photos of them planking at Mt. Everest. We have gotten to a point where the bottom-line (their accomplishments in their given sport) is buried beneath scandals, rumors, blatant lies, and whatever is the sexiest gossip of the day. It’s disgusting.

      Here we are just 2 days from the Super Bowl and all I see in the news are rumors about what this man used to heal, domestic violence between an ex-49er who just happens to be gay, and random crap about Colin Kaepernick’s tattoos. I think the only Football news now is Randy Moss saying that he is the GOAT where Wide Receivers are concerned… thanks for bringing it back to football Randy.

      It’s pretty annoying. But you know what, in 10+ years all we will know of Ray Lewis to care about discussing is hits like the one he did on Chad Johnson. The rest is just hot air on paper.