Sep 17

beautiful black woman

In my old age I’ve found that women send back signals that many of us should pick up on but don’t due to our inability to understand them. No I don’t mean obvious crap like touching your hand, giggling, or I don’t know – flirting with you. What I am talking about is the involuntary mannerisms that let you know whether or not she’s approachable.

Think about the things that a woman does when she’s comfortable around you and think of the other things that she does when she doesn’t care for you. Everyone is different and we all have our own ways of showing discomfort and relative comfort with one another. Within a setting of many people, different interactions and uninterrupted focus, a focused man can determine whether it’s worthwhile to ask a woman out or not.

Real Life Example – The Meeting with A Dime Piece

Vaughn was in a business meeting with several women and a business partner. The main client who he sat across from was a looker, but her beauty was tucked away beneath a business exterior (hair in a bun, subtle make-up, strategic cleavage blocking scarf). As they went over specifics he began to notice her more (long meeting), lovely lips, soft hypnotic eyes, and a sort of exoticism.

Many of you reading this will assume that he was staring, but he didn’t stare, he observed. While Vaughn scanned his audience, looked over at his partner and regarded the beauty whenever he spoke, he downloaded her entire ambiance within his mind’s eye and as he pondered why a woman like this would still be single (no band on the hand) he got the signal that she had noticed that he was admiring.

The Moment of Truth

As they continued talking price, specs and other things, his muse changed her demeanor to one of extreme comfort. Her eyes lingered longer, she unintentionally twirled her hair some, smiled more – now showing her perfectly straight teeth. She knew he was drinking her essence and she mentally emptied the bottle into his throat as if to get him drunk on her and her alone.

Yet to the outside observer it was your standard business meeting. It was all subtle, all “normal” to someone who hadn’t been reading her body language, but to Vaughn she was letting him know that she appreciated the attention, appreciated him, and would be open to more conversation if he was up for it.

* * * *

If you learn to read the subtle, involuntary signals your success rate will improve greatly. As men we must pay attention to the trivial things, the tiny gestures that reveal things that her lips would never admit. Learn when her body says “no way” which means you hold no hope, and learn when she says “I’m open for business” and see your success rate improve greatly.

Like Vaughn in the story above all you have to do is pay attention and the answers will reveal themselves to you. Good luck fellas.

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