May 11

My buddy Kris Karisma uses the term “job” quite a bit to refer to someone letting another person get over on them as a favor. It’s a wrestling term used quite often in fact. Remember when Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson took the big boot from Hulk Hogan in his final match then stiffened out and fell to the canvas? Well The Rock was obviously “jobbing” for the old man. It’s a loosening of the guard in order to let someone win and for The Rock who was the biggest star in wrestling at the time, it was a show of respect to the older god: Hulk Hogan.

Now that we have the definition out of the way, what’s up with friends of ours that refuse to job for others? Isn’t friendship a give and go? Hell the best wrestlers play the game, if they’re a heel (bad guy), they are an asshole of a heel, if they’re the baby face (good guy) then everybody loves them. Despite their roles however, if the booker needs them to take a fall – guess what? Not some people in life though, some guys do not understand how to be a friend.

Example – Jumping on The Grenade

This is the oldest man law when it comes to dating – if it’s your boy’s day (he just broke up with his girl, he just god laid off etc.) then a friend will give him the “over” and let him land the hawte while distracting the grenade. Not some guys though, they only go for theirs, to hell with you – they brought you to the club right?  That’s enough for them. A good friend knows when to back down and let a buddy have his moment. You gotta job for a guy that has had life kicking his ass for a bit right? Let him have his day – what kind of jackass has to be the man every second of the day? Quite a bit apparently.

Nobody likes someone being over consistently

A wrestler that won’t job is a shitty wrestler and even fans will notice that he’s a Prima Donna. The same goes for friends, the ones who will never go out of their way to extend a hand to make sure you’re good. Call them out, and call them out often because they have no clue how bad they are. Look if you aren’t jobbing for your buddy as much as you are taking the over on different situations then you are fucking up. I cannot say it any more plainly, play the game the way it should be played and take the big boot like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson did. It’s called respect and humility and many of you could do with a good People’s Elbow to the throat.

Are you a good friend? Do you “job” on occasion for your boys, or do you have to be the champ all day every day? What do you think, would most of your friends fit this mold? I seriously hope not – because in my ring, if you don’t job you will be fired.

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  • I am totally with this metaphor of jobbing! i feel every pack of homeboys should be able,willing and ready job at any time(within reason). What’s the point in having a crew if there is no support services?