Oct 04

The real world is rather entertaining these days.

No… not the television series (although I’m sure some of you would say that is too). The actual world that we live in. And while I could easily run off examples of diseases, famine, violence, natural disaster, and other bizarre worldly acts, I shall address something far simpler. The world, those things and people,  that each of us experience every day. Yeah those you come across from the time your alarm jolts you out of sleep and pisses you off until you succumb to weariness and close your eyes. All that stuff that you encounter in between – real world. But just how real is it?

Remember that time when everything we saw on TV and heard on radio was scripted? More importantly we KNEW it was scripted. In those days (insert flashback sequence), conformity was normal. Everyone wanted to “fit in” somewhere. Anything and anyone that didn’t conform was deemed abnormal. A misfit. An outcast. Strange. Even if it meant, that square peg was forced into a triangular space, the pressure to still wiggle in was present. Eventually though, there was a dwindling market for the “same ole, same ole”.

Real began to stagnate.

Remember that time when TV decided to “defy” the odds, buck the “scripts” of previous generations, and “become real”? The thoughts, actions, and emotions that were captured and broadcast were poignant, expressive, reactive, and most importantly — candid. In other words real. And we all took notice. I mean, we REALLY took notice. What we saw seemed abstract to a certain extent, yet we could relate to it on a certain level. Slowly, that which we had shunned for so long became embraced. Conservative, traditional, and safe looked boring. Brash, shocking, and risqué moved the meter. If it wasn’t flashy, we started to ignore it. If it didn’t push boundaries, it wasn’t creative. If it fit a common mold, it was too scripted. It didn’t seem…real.

Now we’re at a point where keeping it “real” seems to be going wrong. Almost like “real” itself is being scripted. Today, our media is much more social, and everything seems determined to prove that it is real. Wait…or is that, prove that it is “real”? Now you have to analyze whether “real” is really real. Whether it’s a display of wit, wealth, or knowledge, the desire to prove reality now taints everything you encounter with a film of uncertainty. Everyone you meet has to be scrutinized before you know if the persona is just a show. Whether they’re being real or being “real”. Is that extreme personality really unique, or is it an act just to stand out? Is that person eccentric or just reaching for attention?

The many media at our disposal expose us to a multitude of cultures, beliefs, and experiences. With that though, there are tons of examples of blatantly outlandish acts and quotes. Things that tend to scream “LOOK AT ME!!!” more than “I stand out in a crowd”. So much so, that many have become desensitized themselves to a number of extremes. And in a day and age when ANYTHING is literally at your fingertips, it’s funny how normal seems to be relished a little more because, in many cases, it’s a little abnormal.

I guess clothes and hairstyles aren’t the only things that come back in style after a while….

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  • Billybob Thorton

    Well in general what used to be in the closet general seems to be the norm. Like when did the “nerd” become a trend as being desirable. It seems that the most sacred of underground things have become popular. Being unique has basically become the norm. But there are a few that can be unique on a level of their own where the “mainstram” wouldn’t get it persay. People are skewed to the point where they have no grasp of what reality is anymore. Internet media has been a catalyst for such a change in society and outlets like Twitter and Youtube have given people this false sense of identity.