May 24

depressed old man

Doctors seem to be full of it many times (at least to us men), they come in an hour later, glance at a few papers, guess at some mess and then prescribe you pills. Not to mention the fat bill that shows up about a month later after you leave the office feeling no better than you went in.

This is the general attitude that men have with the medical field and it is the reason why your man refuses to go despite the pain that he may be going through. I know that I am not a big fan of doctors having been sent home to self-heal enough times (with a hefty bill) but there are a few more reasons why the doctor is a last option for me during sick time…

Men Are Stubborn And We Like To Procrastinate

Calling up a doctor or going to some website to sign up for an appointment takes effort, plus with our hesitation we figure there is a chance that the problem may just fix itself after a few days anyway. Then on the other hand we have work to do and being in some smelly doctor’s office may mean that we have to sit still for a few hours while we wait for him to get off the golf course or whatever. Many men wait till the absolutely last minute before surrendering to go see a doctor, after all we figure – if our ancestors survived off of nothing, why can’t we?

Young Doctors Are Assholes – Disagree? Ask an IT Guy.

In the schools that house doctors-to-be many of us IT types see the cocky beginnings of what will become a doctor and we develop a real prejudice towards these individuals. We get that they study ungodly hours and lack any real friends outside of their field, but acting like a douchebag to people will not earn you any favors. Plus the same douche doctor who knows about blood but not Mobile tech will sit and try to school us on what we know just because he has a few letters after his name. Nah, if I can spare myself paying doucheboy a few hundred dollars to prescribe me pills, I’ll go on ahead and chill.

To be sure that I am not making this up about IT, I asked a fellow professional his thoughts on doctors and this was his response: “they are dickheads” – well there ya go.

As to not paint the whole lot with this cruel brush, I must say that once in a while you find a genuine doctor who didn’t go to school because his parents pushed him, or for the money, or because he’s expected to (ya this shit happens). These genuine medics are a credit to their profession but they never seem to need their PC’s fixed or iToys configured so the IT types don’t run into them very much. Older doctors also seem to mellow the hell out and turn into pretty cool characters, but these are not who comes to mind when we think doctor, so like I said – IT guys don’t like them.

Men… We Ought To Do Better

With the things going around today, American’s obsession with being fat, and the lack of benefits from your crap job, we men need to take better care of ourselves or surrender to getting check-ups to keep the wheels on the car moving. There is nothing more sobering than a broken down old man who is bent from a life of ailments and bad choices and there is nothing more uplifting than a Clint Eastwood type who defies age through being on top of his game.

It’s not just IT guys like myself that hates doctors, but whatever your reason you must realize that they are a very necessary evil. Let’s swallow our pride a bit, kick the procrastination and use the benefits our companies pay for to make sure that our health is at least okay. Just because we hate the doctor’s visits and the assholes we deal with at our jobs, we shouldn’t let it be a detriment to living a healthy, painless life.

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