Apr 04

online dating guy

Online dating sites have becoming quite the marketplace for your dating needs; they even come specialized for each interest group. There are the ethnic, religious, financial, education and extra-relational interest group sites. Whether you are looking for lasting love or late night loving, there is a site for you.

Online dating can be a lot of fun and great way to meet a girl (for some), but fellas, the whole process can be slightly tricky if you don’t heed the warning signs.

Analyze her photos

First thing to keep in mind is that girls are very aware of how they look; very often they can be their own worst critic. If you think that her teeth are too small, then the odds are that she’s already found this out for herself and has some kind of insecurity about it.

pretty girl with flowersDoes this mean that she would never smile again? Clearly not, but just remember that she may not highlight her faults in the pictures that she has on her dating profile.  So, if you already don’t like what you’re seeing on her profile – don’t bank on finding America’s Next Top Model at the coffee shop when you decide to meet her.

Along the same lines of the picture, it is important to note that if she has more photos of her pets (especially cats) than herself then this may be a red flag. I know a lot of pet owners (myself included) think the world of their pet but quite honestly, to go on a date with someone you don’t need the pet portfolio from Olan Mills on their profile.  Also, if a girl has photos of her kid(s) on her dating profile… drop two flags on this play.

The words that she uses are important

While the picture might be the first thing that captures our attention and is the first indicator of attraction, it is not the end all, be all of the dating profile.  The words that she uses are important and carry meaning about the kind of girl you might be meeting. 

Some dating websites may not be uber professional and you might be approaching this whole dating experience casually but spellcheck is nearly everywhere and a profile should be checked for typos. There is no reason that anyone should ever have to read,

“I have cats and a bird I am a cat person in my spare time I practice marshall arts in collage and plan to get several degrees…” (that is literally a direct quote.)

Terrifying… The time it would have taken to spellcheck and maybe throw some punctuation in that sentence would have made all the difference in the caliber of man that is going to respond to her.  Think about if she was really having a conversation with you and didn’t take a breath and really spoke in one continuous sentence about several different topics. She’d sound like a schizophrenic!

Check out how she refers to herself

Those sections of the profile that are left open for the subscriber to describe themselves can be a really clear indicator of the person that you are reading about.  Those boxes are generally open fields and you can write whatever you’d like to say about yourself; you are at liberty to be as creative and complimentary of yourself as possible. 

So can you imagine the opinion they have of themselves if they make comments such as, “I don’t like talking about myself… I don’t think that there is anything I can really say about myself. “Saying nothing is pretty much the same as lying – so she may as well have said something interesting. What could you possibly say on the date if you can’t say anything about yourself in a tiny box on your profile? Pass.

Online dating like real life dating should have clear communication, but if you are trying to sift through all the guise and mystery of the initial dating process then try and be as clear and succinct as possible. Hopefully doing this will encourage your partner to follow suit so that both parties can get exactly what they are looking for from the relationship. 

These are just some small things that you can be aware of in case the person you’re interested in is still working on finding their real voice. 

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