Sep 13


“There will be days when you’ll be forced to make decisions that affect the lives of everyone you love, choices that will change you forever. You reach an age when you realize that being a man isn’t about respect or strength; it’s about being aware of all the things you touch. Children face inward, wallow in their own selfish needs. Men face outward, take action on the needs of others. I’m at that place, boys. I’m staring one of those decisions in the face and it looks back at me with historical eyes and it calls me a coward, a killer, a fraud. It wants me to crack, and run from the service of my fate like a broken boy. Today I will not do that. Today, I will be the man my father tried to be. I will make you proud.”

Words spoken from a true man, Jackson Teller bka Jax (played by Charlie Hunnam) from the hit television show Sons of Anarchy. Jax is a man transformed by the discovery of his late father’s journals and the birth of his two children, one of which was born too early by his meth addicted ex-wife. Jax was a wayward youth up until that point. Having his son, Abel, survive his addiction to meth breathed new life and perspective into his lungs, and he started to crave more for his son than the life of SAMCRO–the motorcycle crew of which he became president–and the only life that he’s ever known.

Being thrown into single fatherhood was hard for him, although when Abel was kidnapped, there was nothing more important to him. From the moment he got Abel back, he vowed to be the dad he needed to be, and never looked back.


Jax’s life of adversity shaped him into a hardened young man who lived hard, fought hard, and loved harder. He dealt with the death of his brother, Thomas, at a young age from a hereditary heart condition that runs through his own veins as well, and he recently learned that the death of his father was at the hands of a close family friend.

He has a ride-or-die chick by his side who he has stood in front of when confronted by gun wielding bad guys. He loves his girl with all his heart, and is not afraid to show it in front of his boys. Through it all, he does not succumb to the pressure of his girl, but after the birth of his second son, her goals became his and he will not stop his quest for getting out of the game and beginning a new life with his family. The only issue, as he puts it, is that he’s an okay mechanic with a GED and a record – all he knows is outlawing. This makes the road to the endgame extremely bumpy.

Jackson Teller encompasses all things man; he is unwavering, loyal (to his brothers in SAMCRO), he loves his family dearly and will do anything for them – even banning his train wreck of a mother (played by Katey Segal) from seeing her grand kids. His street smarts are impeccable and he has successfully taken down some of his biggest competition criminals in order to save SAMCRO from danger. He brings a knife to a gunfight and still wins.


 Jackson Teller is a Reel Man of Cinema; he’s the president; he rides his bike in front; his walk turns female knees to jelly; and everybody respects him.

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