May 10

Is Kim Kardashian marriage material?There has been a whole bunch of nosy speculation into the dumping of big booty Kim Kardashian since the info was leaked a few weeks ago. Some people say that it’s because Kim’s schedule is very busy (this makes me laugh my ass off), others speculate that she had become too pushy for marriage, but the biggest rumor floating around is that her sex tape with that parasite Ray J is the nail that sealed shut the coffin on their relationship.  Since we aren’t too big on Celebrity gossip here, I wanted to take this opportunity to ask you fellas your opinion. Could you marry a fine Armenian hawte like Kim if she had a tape floating around with her sucking off Brandy’s parasite brother?

Let’s see what four of us men have to say about Kim Kardashian…

Greg Dragon: My take on it – if she’s a real sweetheart, has that platinum “power U” and can cook me a mean fish dinner, then I am taking Kim to the altar were I Reggie Bush. Lots of girls whore around, I mean a whole lot and we are never the wiser yet we shove our face in it, and act as if she’s as pure as freshly pressed cotton. As a watcher and lover of the prontastic arts, I am a bit above the judgment of people who film their sex, would it be different if that parasite “hit it” in the privacy of her home? Nah, I wouldn’t let the sex tape bother me, hell its ammunition to throw at her whenever she steps out of pocket. If Kim is really wife material she would get snatched up, it has to go beyond that tape.

Cadillac Collins: welp, if I were Reggie, my parents probably wouldn’t be cool with it. They wouldn’t stop me, but they’d let me know of their concern. I have no idea if I’d marry her. I kinda think I might not, but I really don’t know, guess it depends how she explained it and if I thought the relationship was solid etc. but if I got that far and started the relationship after the video had been out then you shoulda given some thought before you got her thinking there was a ring in the future.

Dirk Knight: Man forget that broad, especially if She did the Ray J. There’s no such thing as love when it comes to celebrities except maybe Will Smith and Jada Pinkette. I don’t think she’s all that great to be honest.

Parasite Ray J and Kim KardashianThe Marksman: You know the way she acts I think she might be wife material every dude that messes with it loses his mind lol.

So you’ve heard our opinions, what do you think? I think this is an interesting study into our scorns and hang-ups on things that – in the greater picture are a bit trivial, but that’s just me. Reputation means a lot, it made for great scandals back in the day (think the Scarlet Letter) and to many of the more conservative folks in our number, a sex tape is a pretty big deal.  I don’t think it is, but then again I’m something like a freak. How do you folks feel about it? Would you marry someone whose naughty parts have been broadcast all over the internet for fame?

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  • I disagree with Dirk a bit celebrities are looking for love it is a human trait, most people long for it and many need it to feel like they are a whole person. The problems celebrities face is do they want to date some scrub who has no money that may take them to the cleaners, but it is somebody they feel they can love. Most of them choose to try and find a relationship with another famous person so that they can avoid that decision which limits their dating pool, and they just happen to be trying to date someone that everyone else wants as well.

    I know where Dirk was coming from, but the media ruins these relationships most of the time. You see that Jada disappeared from the scene for a long time when her and Will Smith got together? She has recently started to sneak back in and people leave them alone because there isn’t really any drama to report. Look at Courtney Vance and Angela Bassett they have been together for years, so it happens you just have to stay out of the lime light as much as possible. Reggie Bush and Kim K didn’t do that.

    • i agree!!!

      i also have to step in for the ladies here…the issue of the sex tape should not make or break a relationship…sex tapes only mean one thing…she’s a freak who enjoys watching herself get it on… i mean, when watching regular pron it is considered good when both parties (or at least the one u like) is attractive and has a bangin body, sooooo….why not put your fine ass boyfriend/girlfriend on tape and watch it as foreplay, just as one would watch some regular pron as foreplay…

      with that said…i think it would help to assess the situation if reggie was to take ray j out of the equation…i think that it’s that cornball getting it on with his chick was the issue…but come on! a man cannot fault a woman for her past relationship issues no more than a woman can fault the man for her past relationship issues. it’s in the past..he got with her knowing there was a sex tape so i highly doubt that he would leave due to it…it’s not like it’s still in the forefront…

      and dragon..just because u don’t see the fruits of her work in your daily life doesn’t mean that she just sits around being pretty and riding the wave of reggie’s money.. she has her own business and u of all people should know how that limits your personal time… even if your work is not seen by everyone…