Jul 28

Attractive couple working out together

Lets face it folks, when you find someone to love, you tend to get a lot of good out of it but there are some bad things that snake their way into it. One of the bad things is fat, yup, fat … it sneaks in, it makes you bigger, and before you know it you’re on the scale like “WHAT IN THE WORLD!”

So what makes relationships so fattening? I’ll tell you what it is, most of us were working out to get with someone in the first place. Now that the goal is attained, we see it as a chore, and we stop paying attention to ourselves. What most experts suggest we do about this is to use ours partner as springboards to promote proper nutrition and exercise. Do things together and it doesn’t become a compromise, if he/she (the one we love) is lazy then we need to let him/her know that fitness is THAT much more important to us and stay the course in your diet and exercise.

Never Eat Out When Starving

What can be hard in relationships and keeping it healthy is the restaurant quotient. I have learned that the worst time to either go grocery shopping or to a restaurant is when your stomach has assumed control. If you are starving, you may want to fix a quick sandwich, do a bowl of cottage cheese, or any other healthy snack combined with a lot of water. Do this prior to your restaurant visit and cut your portion in half when it’s received to take a doggy bag home. Restaurant portions are way too big for a one-time sitting, so don’t feel awkward about it, just make it a rule.

“kick the liquor when you turn dirty thirty” – MC Lyte

Take it easy on the Wine and Liquor

We have all heard that the Europeans have it going on with the glass of wine a day thing but that doesn’t translate to us doing 2-3 glasses of wine with dinner and dessert. Similarly, going to the Club with your mate to dance and having fun like the single folks has its own set of rules for fitness. This is quite possibly one of the hardest sacrifices for folks, especially the non dancing kind because … well … Clubs equal dancing and drinking. How about nursing your drink a bit longer than usual? After-all nobody likes a fish.

Workout WITH me

Many times your partner will be open to working out with you and will be willing to add it into his/her lifestyle. For you big meathead guys (like myself), you can go to the gym together but I am not suggesting that she tries to spot your 400 lb bench press–that’s just dumb. Go to the gym together, bang it out hard and work it into your days. Everyone who works out knows that an eager partner is the easiest way to stay the course. If you are the unlucky soul to have the girlfriend or boyfriend who says “I don’t see why you have to workout so much”, you may want to consider running for the hills (just kidding).

Holidays, Vacations and Romantic Getaways can be painful

Healthy foodsWhen you visit the homes of loved ones who have created a feast of gargantuan proportions for you and your mate, you can’t play the role of diet Nazi or you will offend the host. Holidays will yield the worst items for dieting in eggnog, chocolates, sweets, etc. Many times when you get this garbage you will make an excuse to eat it. You will say things like “oh I’ll just do an extra lap on Monday” or “work has been so hard, I deserve this” or the worst excuse of all which is “I’ll just start my diet tomorrow”. Why lie to yourself? The forbidden sweet-stuff is a slippery slope into failure. It is times like this that partners should police each other the hardest rather than enabling destructive consumption. Having an extra voice of reason during your weakest times, really helps things out.

That is all I have, remember relationships are about acceptance and compromise but it doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your entire lifestyle in lieu of an unhealthy one. Get in the gym, bring your partner with you and check your eating habits!

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