Aug 15

There was a time when Kimbo had the web buzzing from his insane, bloody,  backyard fights and before long he was a household name known by any nerd with the ability to search for videos online.

Then the man went on to try MMA and despite being a physical specimen, the old knee injuries and mobility handicap made him a joke to everyone who actually thinks MMA is real (ya I said it). Well the above video shows the arena that Kimbo should have tried in the first place being that his hands were what we knew to be his weapons.

Sure MMA is the modern day WWE and has fans beyond measure but I am happy to see Kimbo tapping jaws in the “gentleman’s sport” of boxing.

Hey big Kimbo if this doesn’t work out I urge you to holler at Micheal Jai White and get into Hollywood my man. If you saw the movie Blood and Bone you will see Kimbo’s acting debut where he tries to punk Jai White in prison and catches a righteous beat down.

I’ll say it right here Kimbo, if you earn a belt of worth I will make you Badass of the Month

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