Jun 01

As a blog author it can be easy to get lost in the shuffle of pushing out content, relaying news and doling out advice. Oft times we build a community and trade commentary as if it were our castle (or Hall) and nobody on the outside can see. When I first started writing I had to make a hard decision as to whether I was going to keep it real or keep it care bear; of course I chose the former and as much as I love my denizen fam I run the risk of offending someone every time I write – and I am perfectly fine with that. One thing you have to learn is that you cannot please everyone.

One of my lady friends started reading this space and called me a misogynist (buzz word of the year), but then she kept reading and realized that I love women. Not everybody will keep reading, hell one blogger told me that I was an asshole who hadn’t seen any pussy since I came out of my mother’s. She doesn’t know me but obviously she was the type that didn’t keep on reading. You win some you lose a bunch but this is how I choose to write, I know that at any time anyone can come on here and read my articles and I can honestly stand behind everything I’ve written. Are you comfortable enough with your space to say the same?

There have been teachers fired for blogging negative rhetoric about their students. Top level politicians and celebrities with the tweets and some officials with Facebook. The internet leaves prints wherever you tread, your MySpace may still have your real address on it and your old email compromised. This is the Wild Wild West ladies and gentlemen, the things you say can and will get you fired up in this place!

So all of this to say – check your ranting. One bad day of cussing out someone on your blog can lead to detrimental circumstances later on. Keep it real but keep it classy, that way they can get mad but at least they won’t be able to hold it against you.

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  • You know I’m a lifer! I love how real you keep it.. even when you use cuss words! You know there are people out there who can find a demon under every rock. So.. that’s just way. Only once have I disagreed with you.. but I don’t remember what that was about. It doesn’t matter.. I tell errbody… Hall of the Black Dragon is the only online Gentlemen’s Magazine I read. It’s true! I wasn’t lookin’ when I found ya, so… I stopped lookin’. I do get my Men’s Health monthly. I like the pictures, and I learn stuff about guys. You write about chics… I figured that’s because you love ’em. But what you need is a woman.. to write about. LOL Get yourself one. I’d love to read what women do for ya.. jk LOL