Feb 03

Recently I had a flashback of sorts. I felt the breeze of the fan in my bedroom and for whatever reason it brought back memories of my childhood. I started thinking about running around the house on breezy summer days, looking out at the green grass and laying down at night with a fan blowing. I remembered playing home run derby with the neighborhood kids, mainly because we didn’t have enough people to actually play baseball. I started thinking about how carefree my life was… way back then.

When I was a kid I didn’t really care about anything. In my younger years I ran around the neighborhood without restraint… I’d discover places and things and climb on them. As far as I’m concerned, those were the most carefree days that I’m aware of. Eventually as I got older I started getting more into video games and began understanding life a little better. As the years have rolled by I’ve gone through high school and college, I now have a life of my own as an adult, and have grown far more cynical.

To me, the mid 80’s were great years. There were no problems. When I read the news and go through story after story about corporate scheming and political decisions based on greed, I try to keep it all in perspective. Lamenting about how things are now and how they were better when I was a kid is easy. Everything was better when I was a kid, mostly because I was a kid at the time. But were the “old days” really that “good”?

It doesn’t really matter which decade you want to go back to, there has always been wars, crisis’, disasters and turmoil. The only time this country has been easy to live in is when it didn’t have any people. I’m not going to turn this into an anthropology lesson, but the point is since there has been man, there has been a tornado of destruction.

So I said all of that to say this: Stop living in the past! Though the old days were good for you, that doesn’t mean that they were actually good. It was merely how you perceived them. With that in mind, you can begin to alter your perception of the present and future. Analyze your life, is it really that bad? You’re alive and have internet access. That’s a pretty good starting point.

In the spirit of the Hall, I say flip the game. Stop lamenting about years past and get excited about things to come. Get off your ass and be aggressive with your hustle. The future only looks bleak if you’re not doing anything to make it better.

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