Jul 23

Nobody likes to hear about their favorite artists dying but it worsens when that artist is young and full of potential. Amy Winehouse was a songstress who transcended many of her peers by channeling the greats with her powerful voice. She was in tuned with hip hop, not an elitist who shunned it – one of her songs “fuckery” was even dedicated to Nas, that’s how down she was and she did a collaberation remix of “I’m no Good” with Hall favorite Ghostface Killah. I say all that to show how much she embodied my two favorite musical genres of rap and jazz, she was my soundtrack and I was one of her fans who was hoping she could kick her demons and deliver a 3rd album.

Today’s loss is another reminder to all of you out there who think that you are smarter and stronger than the vices you abuse. It is a reminder that drugs are not to be used no matter how hard life comes at you, the drugs always wins and you may die but you will have hurt family, friends and fans alike when they take you. It is a common thing for artists to make a deal with the devil. That “devil” is narcotics and alcohol to which they are presented with godly creativity and fame. The devil is strong and without the will of a Miles Davis or the support of a Ray Charles, the devil will collect his soul. Amy’s support system failed her, the mocking fair weather fans failed her and life finally failed her. The devil collected a beautiful voice today and I am sure the same media that loved showing her at her lowest will capitalize on her death now.

I have always compared Amy to Billie Holiday because they both were matchless artists who had that drug demon eternally locked in on them. Billie was taken by drugs, as Amy was today. How many artists must we lose before we figure out a way to save these people? Ironically the same hip hop that Amy loved, is all about selling and profiting from the very vice that killed her and Jazz greats die from overdoses – look at Charlie Parker.

[flashvideo filename=videos/amy-in-my-bed.flv image=videos/images/amy-in-my-bed.jpg /]

I hope that her talented spirit lives on and that she isn’t soon forgotten for those timeless albums she made while she was here. I still have “Frank” in rotation in my car and now whenever I hear “Amy, Amy, Amy” I will think of her as she was in life ( the picture accompanying this article), not the poor shell of herself she had become after “Back to Black”. Enjoy your rest Amy Winehouse and thank you for your gifts.

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