Jun 09

R-Kelly did a video where he hid out in a man’s closet with a loaded gun after sleeping with his wife and America ate it up as entertainment. Rihanna kills a man who violently rapes her on her music video and the country jumps to cut her throat with “how dare you”. I have one question, is it really all about the kids or is it that she’s a chick with a gun that bothers people so much? Is it apples to oranges when I wonder why the pedobear R-Kelly is applauded for music video violence while Rihanna is getting tarred and feathered?

I’m asking you parents out there because it is the same ideology of “what about the kids!” that led to over 30 bitter comments on the Axe Ball Cleaner Commercial that I posted on here back in January of 2010. Do we lack the capacity to side with victims that fight back in this country (bear with me) or is it just Rihanna? I have to ask because whenever something pops up we are loathe to believe that someone had malicious intent… unless their name is Casey Anthony. In the video that spawned this article, a woman was raped and she retaliated with deadly force. In my book I want to shake her hand and tell her “job well done” but based on the internet and some random parent organization, Rihanna is now labeled an attention-whore and gangster for doing it. Whose logic is this? Sarah Palin’s? Probably not since Sarah’s down for the gun play, but the logic makes you wonder.

People are hypocrites when it comes to an eye for an eye. Most will act like angels that are intolerant to all violence even when it’s warranted but when it hits home they’re the first to put a whole clip into the attacker. Consider this: On HBO’s The Sopranos there was a terrible scene where Mob boss Tony’s psychiatrist Dr. Melfy is accosted and raped on the stairs of her very own office after hours. A few days of recovery later she recognizes her attacker working in a Fast Food Restaurant… she never tells Tony. I can recall so many pacifists who watched the show as religiously as I did begging her onscreen to tell Tony. We all know what would have happened to that guy if Tony (the same guy who Garoted a man with a wire to death) had found out about it. To me that’s no different than this video except that Rihanna shot the rapist herself instead of calling on a killer to do it for her. Am I wrong in this?

It’s for arguments like this that I tell people that it’s more about you being conservative than it is your kid’s well-being. Personally if you rape somebody man or woman you deserve a hole in your chest or head, that’s just how I see it. So I applaud Rihanna on this video and I applaud any victim that bears fangs and punishes their attacker. This is one man that isn’t down with something as vicious and violent as rape being up for argument from ideological people. If I had a daughter and you raped her guess what? BADABING! That’s what.

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  • I doubt that my 17 yr old has seen this video.. And at 5 minutes and 40 seconds, I don’t want to see it, either. I will say this.. the potential for violence against women is the very reason my daughter is taking self defense classes this summer. She’s college bound and I can’t fathom the idea of her handing over a condom to some power coward! I have a friend who actually keeps condoms in her wallet for that purpose.. In case of an attack, she’ll ask him to use a condom. My State Trooper brother once dated a State Trooper cop.. She’s a Latina with 2 degrees and a black belt.. and if you ask me.. she’s a freakin’ Samurai warrior incarnate. Swords and guns mounted all over her house! Ionthink they’re just for show! LOL … About R Kelly behavior vs. Rhianna behavior in a music video? – well? He’s a thug, Thug behavior is to be expected. She’s a princess.. once abused – or perceived that-a-way… she’s gotta stay that-a-way. The general population would rather see her ask her attacker to use a condom – please? than kill him. How dare a beautiful woman posses such rage as to shoot the dude?

    There are such double standards in this society it’s ridiculous! There is no truth behind our supposed convictions as (religious) purists who are overly involved in the soul of others – and could care less if unemployment benefits helps a family stay fed and have some heat in the dead winter and cold air in summer… let alone food in their bellies and gas the tank. Where the soul goes if they should die before they wake – is all that matters. But let it happen to us and not them?

    We watched the movie Dead Man Walking last night and was terribly amused aka pissed off by the self righteousness of the parents of the victims of Matthew Poncelet & his murderous rapist cohort.. When Sister Helen explained that her interest in Poncelet was be there for the dead man walking – as Jesus would be and had been for outcasts… From the guard to the parents.. the sentiment was pretty much.. Eff! What Jesus would do! An eye for an eye. Pluck it out! Kill the bastard. Amen.

    Every woman should posses deep within her self.. if she doesn’t personally know, at least one Tony or Pookie. For kickin’ ass and takin’ names.

    — just sayin’.