Jan 23

anna burns welker

So yesterday the wife of New Englands Patriots Wide Reciever Wes Welker – an ex-Hooters model by the name of Anna Burns Welker decided to throw Baltimore Ravens’ star Linebacker Ray Lewis under the bus and join what seems to be a sorority of dumb New England wives who can’t shut the hell up (looking at you Gisele) after their husbands lose.

Anna got on Facebook and wrote the following, before the internet backlash forced her to make an apology:

“Proud of my husband and the Pats. By the way, if anyone is bored, please go to Ray Lewis’ Wikipedia page. 6 kids 4 wives. Acquitted for murder. Paid a family off. Yay. What a hall of fame player! A true role model!”

Since apologizing for posting the comment and becoming e-famous for being stereotypically hot and dumb, Anna was the subject of much article commentary that were both creative and hilarious.

The Internet’s Reaction To Anna Burns Welker

You know what Anna Burns Welker, the only reason anybody heard you say this is because the only good thing you’ve ever done way marry a pro athlete.You forgot to mention the houses he pays for and helps build all around Baltimore. You forgot to mention the countless kids he helps and motivates because they don’t have fathers to do it for them. The kids he’s helped to be adopted. All his non-profit organizations, like when he gives away tons of food in food drives for Thanksgiving. The way he travels to high schools and motivates young athletes to chase their dreams and become inspired against all odds. The way he’s battled his whole life to become something after he grew up with basically no family and no one in the stands to support him and become one of the greatest people to ever do what he does and change the way people look at the game that puts food on YOUR table. YOU, on the other hand, have only accomplished one “major” thing in your life. And that was: Becoming Miss Hooters International in 2005.Phantom (thisis50.com)

sad wes welker

Her wikipedia page should list in her bio that she’s a southern skeezer without a clue. The fact that she tried to defame a man using information from WIKIPEDIA of all places says a lot. Sore losers never prosper!Oh No She Didn’t (starcasm.net)

I wonder if Wes marches into Hooters after she’s done with her shift and goes off on people who wanted more wing sauce. Learn your place little girl.Offthegrid McGrath (bleacherreport.com)

Apparently the Pats wives have the balls in those families, because the players are bitches!Robert Oneill (bleacherreport.com)

Maybe Brady should throw breast implants and not footballs.Spitfire (dailymail.co.uk)

Hey Anna, still waiting on my wings!!USA123 (starcasm.net)

Wives of football players should keep their traps shut, and let their husband’s performance do the talking. When wives talk about things they don’t know they emasculate their men so put a cork in it!Roger Katen (Facebook)

Will You Ever Forgive Her?

Whew! I feel really bad for Wes Welker who seems like a good dude and a consummate athlete – his wife’s mouth has no doubt overshadowed his team’s run for this year and it won’t be forgotten. With that said I did notice that she got huge support from people in Boston. So to show that I’m not biased, here is Anna displaying her talent for my fellow Mondays in the Northeast.


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  • Three Stacks

    Why did you post this broad’s pictures? She’s a salty loser just like that whole organization and their coach. She better shut the hell up since her man is getting traded for having butterfingers. Dumb broad.