Feb 07

Believe it or not the judgmental eyes that you worry about while running are mostly in your head.

Most people are either oblivious to your running while the vocally negative are actually jealous. It takes a lot to put yourself out there to the spectacle of the jeering crowd but the difficulty that comes with jogging while fat is a thing that is mostly respected by all. People will barely if ever say mean things when you’re running with the exception of the occasional jackass who may insult you with his “run that shit off big girl” but even that is meant as encouragement in it’s own twisted way.

Gym Rats Will Support You

Whenever myself or one of my gym rat buddies see someone running our commentary has never been anything short of positive. To be honest the only people that I have seen making negative comments about someone heavy exercising have been people who were out of shape that were trying to project negativity on the ones training. It is the crabs in the bucket syndrome of humanity and due to the person saying it, the jeers should be seen as what they truly are – jealousy.

When fitness fires you up, excites you and becomes a part of life, you feel a kinship with people that want to do better, you want to help them stay the course and become the future success story that they are going to be. So when you’re running and you hear a horn, glance and see; it may not be an asshole jeering you like you assume, more than likely it’s someone like me giving you a fist-bump and a few words of encouragement.

Earbuds and Confidence

If you’re speed walking, jogging or running as an obese person, go out there with focus in your mind and the “way you look” as a non-factor. Who cares how you look? Like I said, the only ones who would say anything are a non-factor anyway, so let them be assholes – their life sucks.

To assist with your ignoring the outside world and doing the damn thing, I would encourage you to queue up your smart phone, music device or mp3 player to some hardcore music. Sites like Pandora and Grooveshark are a godsend for this type of thing. When you have music going it’s so much easier to stay the course sans interruption and speculation. Trust me.

It really has surprised me throughout the years the amount of people that skip out on walking and running naturally to avoid the cynicism of hateful people. Walking briskly in the morning is so much better than waiting for an open treadmill in an overcrowded gym and I hope that anyone reading this will remember that. We are so caught up with impressing strangers that we as a society have placed our health and wellness secondary to the trifles of the watchful eye.

Start walking, running and jogging naturally to get your body back to where you would like it to be and let a hater kiss your ass and die by karma’s wrathful sword. You owe it to yourself to get out there and I would like you to know that there are people out there cheering you on regardless of whether we know you or not. Here’s to your health!

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  • nogoodnews

    I’m a female weightlifter who is also a runner – as such, I get a whole bunch of looks because I don’t look like I’m on a liquid diet – but rather I eat steak and barbells for dinner 🙂 Okay – maybe I’m not THAT extreme, but extreme enough to be one of the most fit people in my gym.

    I will tell you that your body size does NOT matter to people like me – we’re all in this fitness thing together.We all come from different starting points (our background / life experience / exposure to physical fitness) and we all have different ending points / desires (to lose 10 pounds / to gain muscle mass – that’s me).

    In the weighroom, most of us into heavy lifting are so concerned with our own reflection in the mirror, we aren’t going to notice you or care about how you look (and that’s in a good way – we’re minding our own business).

    The skinny girls in the cardio room, wanna bet one of the following: (1) They are young, their metabolism is high and they haven’t gone through child birth / menopause or any severe medical ailments as of yet – they read about losing 2 pounds and they drop 5. (2) They are older gals who don’t eat, chew their food 100 times before swallowing (if they swallow at all) and look like they are on a constant liquid diet.

    As someone working towards their persoanl training license, I can tell you that the people who are into fitness admire you – if they are even paying attention at all to you (again, in a good way) or if they are laughing and jeering…. there bodies haven’t reached the unfriendly weight gain stage yet – but trust me…. it will.

    See you on the road sister!