Feb 02

Nothing will make you feel broker than having a trip or activity come up and not be able to attend due to a lack of money. It will not faze you if this occurs due to life kicking your ass at every turn, expensive legal or medical bills, or having loaned your lot to a family member that needed it. But if you burnt your money on a house that you have no business owning, a car you have no business driving, or a chick you have no business dating, I am warning  you right now that you are going to feel like a loser.

It is for times like this that you must respect the necessity of saving for a rainy day, or better yet, saving for a fun-filled day. Living recklessly, hood-rich or beyond your means will always have you broke at trip time and your smart friends (who actually save ) will cease to invite you because they will begin to assume that you are always broke.

On my first trip to Las Vegas I was young, adventurous and crazy, but I always kept a yard in the bank for emergency outings (read: strip clubs). The Vegas trip was very impromptu with little time to prepare but thanks to my savings I was able to travel, sleep and gamble with my buds. Looking back on that week, it was one of the most memorable vacations I have ever had and it was all due to my ability to say yes when it was offered.

If you want the culture, experience and growth that comes with traveling, do not allow the trivial toys of the day burn your money and prevent you from experiencing it. I may not have had every vice that that came out in my younger year but I have had wonderful trips and memories. If I could rewind the hands of time I would not change a thing.

Traveling doesn’t even have to be out of town, or the country for that matter but we want to have the ability to say yes to any adventure – even the mundane ones. There have been classy restaurants, exotic cuisines and wines that I would have had to miss out on had I been a spendthrift. It has benefited me greatly to play wise with money and choose to buy into things that had a chance at expanding my mind, my wallet or my smile. Young readers, I would implore you to do the same.

We should weigh what it is that is important to us in life and choose to spend our hard-earned money on those things rather than trifles that we will regret tomorrow. If keeping up with the Jones’s is what is your raison d’état then ignore this article and enjoy your fabulous life, but if you plan on traveling and experiencing culture then save a dime today so that It can be $10,000 tomorrow.

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  • This is so true!!!!!!! If I could travel for a living I would but a lot of others I know are basically too broke to to make anything happen. Black people are good for this because they can buy all the Jordans and iPhones 10k gold in the world but planning a trip with them is almost impossible!!!! LOL But I make it happen regardless of the company but it would be nice to have company!!!!!