Jul 13

I think it was on Enterprise (the newest in the long line of Star Trek series) that first brought this phenomenon to light for me. T’Pol, a super intelligent and advanced Vulcan female became sub-Commander on the ship despite the racial tension with her human crewmen. The most tension she had came from her Captain Archer who had a deep prejudice with her people after they robbed his father of the honor of space exploration. T’Pol and Archer were always at it but as the show went on their rivalry turned into mutual respect and then shifted towards some hardcore sexual tension. Soon T’Pol knew Archer’s most intimate secrets and he hers having to aid her on private missions and council her as one of her only friends. I can recall yelling at Archer to jump that sexy little nymph whenever she would come into his room off hours to “talk” but the nerdy captain would just stroke his dog and dole out advice instead of giving that poor woman what she really wanted. Well Enterprise began to lose viewership and out of nowhere came an episode where T’Pol goes to the ship’s “bad boy” engineer Lt. Trip Tucker to “experiment with human sexuality”… What… The… Hell? This woman couldn’t even stand the simple country boy antics of Tucker much less have him touch her – yet somehow the writers felt it would be good to have her sleep with him for the hell of it.

Recently on ABC’s rehash of V, the tough FBI Agent lead Erica Evans was made to sleep with Hobbes the “bad boy” member of her team with whom she had nothing in common or even liked one bit. Being that I liked Hobbes I was cheering my man on as he took it on the table but damn, just one episode before that she was wanting him dead. This comes about after 3 seasons of hardcore sexual tension between she and Father Jack, an ex-Priest turned freedom fighter who for all sense and purposes was a very “nice guy”. Again the situation and the choice in man for this female lead made absolutely no sense whatsoever, but you see the pattern. V like Enterprise before it was a failing Sci-Fi show, but what would make the writers think that whoring out the tougher women would make their viewership increase?.

Aren’t nerds writing Sci-Fi shows for other nerds to watch? Hello! Aren’t nerds the Captains and the dorky sidekicks having the sexual tension with these hawtes? So what sort of masochistic jackass would forego the chance to let a nerd get with the hot chick who wants him to go for the cliche bad boy one-night-stand? It happens more than you think, just think back on your favorite shows and think about who the Alpha femme finally slept with when it was almost off the air. I don’t see why Sci-fi does this when other shows stick to the script. Look at Law and Order: SVU which should have had Elliot ravaging that delicious Olivia Benson by now being that they are closer than fingers. But they haven’t gone full on stupid and let Olivia (Mariska Hargitay) jump into bed with ‘Fin’ (Ice-T)!

Ladies you be the judge, does this form of writing make sense to you? Do you sleep with the random “bad boy” over the attractive man you have been chatting with and going to see late in the night to discuss your problems? Please let me know, because maybe they are being accurate, maybe women are just complex like that, the simple motherf—er gets the booty while the attentive man sleeps alone. I think this would be a great eye-opener to us Sci-Fi fans who see this as bad writing. Were you T’Pol in my first example or Erica in my 2nd, which one of those men would you have slept with? Feedback is greatly appreciated.

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  • Belisarius2525

    This doesn’t happen all the time, though it’s frequent. Just look at Stargate: Atlantis. Dr. Keller has a choice between Jason Momoa’s character–Ronon Dex (aka “Conan”)–and Rodney McKay (the emperor of all nerds), and she picks McKay, even though every woman on (or outside of) planet Earth would’ve picked Jason Momoa without hesitation. There was a bit of backlash over this one in some circles b/c it was seen as an attempt to break away from reality just to appease the show’s primary audience (i.e. smart guys and nice guys).

    • It’s funny how I conveniently skipped over Atlantis and I was the biggest fan of that show… I wanted a Tayla/Ronon hook-up 🙁 but they gave her to some random guy bah! Anyway back on topic, you’re right it is at the discretion of the writers and some shows surprise us but for some reason the tough girl/bad boy matching really gets under my skin and pretty much makes me want to write off the show altogether. Thanks for your comment.