Jun 16

Here at Hall of the Black Dragon, I’m sure you’ve noticed the Lady Dragon’s Café and everything it has to offer. Both men and women frequent that part because beautiful women are interesting to look at. It makes you stop for a second because in this world, there’s really not a higher form of beauty. This isn’t a new concept. Ever since man learned to make paints and brushes, women have been the inspiration/focus of a large portion of art.

As a photographer, I can see where this draw comes from. Now you can find beauty elsewhere: A beach sunset, a cityscape at night, a dirt road in the Midwest, etc. but nothing is quite as intriguing as the female form. I’m not saying these things aren’t beautiful, in fact I’ll provide some links later to examples of the contrary, but the human element is something special.

Not Just “Any” Photographer…

I’d like to encourage women who read this, if you’re interested at all, to try doing a photoshoot. The biggest problem is finding a photographer that isn’t “some dude with a camera”. I’m sure there’s plenty of guys out there with a Coolpix that would love you to get sexy just so he can try something slick. This is the biggest problem real photographers have to deal with.  Before you go trusting a guy that claims to be a photographer, just take a look at his work. It should speak for itself.

A lot of women I’ve talked to say things like “oh I’m not attractive enough” or “well I need to hit the gym for a couple months then maybe”. Every time they’ve said this and done a shoot anyway, they’ve always liked the result. Hearing such self-doubt is unfortunate, and there’s nothing I love more than proving that they are, in fact, sexy.

No matter where you live, again I recommend giving it a try. Getting back your images and seeing yourself through a photographer’s eyes is a great experience. If you live in Tampa, feel free to contact me and we can set up a shoot. You may enjoy it so much you might get ideas for future shoots. Even today I set up a shoot with a girl for the 3rd time, and she’s bringing her mother for one as well.  Some women I’ve shot 4-6 times now. Creating something beautiful is new and exciting every time.

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