Apr 24

I posted this video on Facebook last night without looking at the details of the event, my comment was along the lines of “she must’ve dropped an N-Bomb or something like that” and it led to a small discussion with friends about kids and crime. For those of you who haven’t seen it let me get my thoughts out of the way first and guide you into what you’re about to see so that you can be a bit objective. The first thing you should know is that the young white girl that is getting mobbed is transgender (I’m assuming from the follow-up video interview). The girls acting like savages are 13-14 and the man walking around them is a manager at the McDonalds (has to be the worst job ever invented) So there are your details.

Merciless Beating at McDonalds

[flashvideo filename=videos/mcdonalds-beatdown.flv image=videos/images/mcdonalds-beatdown.jpg /]

One thing that disgusts me about the video beyond the senseless cowardice of the (sigh) girls, is the commentary on posts that have aired it out. Someone being transgender does not automatically okay you to laugh at them getting savaged mob style. I swear half our society is a bunch of sociopaths – especially the scum of the internet. The girls being young does not okay them to act like cops during the Watts Riots, none of this shit is cool. I am not sure what the victim did but she being short a gun and some bullets and continuously being beaten to the point of going into a seizure makes me smell blood in the water for the girls doing the assaulting. Where are the parents? Ya we know the answer to that one. There are 3 sides to every story, following this paragraph is the victim’s side. It would be interesting to hear from the 2 girls who did the beating, the idiot that filmed it and the worthless manager that is playing referee to it all.

The Victim: Chrissy Lee Polis Explains What Happened at McDonalds

[flashvideo filename=videos/cpolis.flv image=videos/images/cpolis.jpg /]

Here’s the thing for you YouTUBE heroes that film this shit in the future. Had that girl died from the beating and your dumb ass was there filming it instead of calling the police, scrambling to help or anything, then you will be in court with them just the same. What’s up with McDonalds and stuff like this? It’s bad enough that they serve up packaged poison but the Roman gladiator savagery that circulates in their establishment is now the norm. Oh well I don’t eat there, but this is just a new level of cowardice so I had to say something. Do better people and rein in your stupid ass kids.

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