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I came across a Gent by the name of Pete Sapper, a confidence relationship coach that tackles the root of insecurity that stems from fear in women and turns wallflowers into the powerful, confident Goddesses that they deserve to be.

I truly admire his attitude after coming across plenty of BS from relationship experts who wrongly preach that most men are idiots and that this whole feminist wave is all good.

I’m not one to complain as my own book The 21st Century Spartanite: The Strong Woman’s Guide To Ultimate Success is written from a liberal feminist perspective and two chapters are solely given to the RIGHT TYPE of man. I can only speak from a very subjective female perspective.

High Value Women

The difference between high and low valued women in the world is cultivating their own worth. I’ve often been called all types of pejorative names under the sun for standing my ground, for not sleeping with a guy minus a commitment (which takes a lot of effort), for respecting myself and for exposing this sham of a society we have where hearts and condoms are broken by the hour.

Society has conditioned women to give themselves away to men and that if we don’t jump through fire hoops to appease them, they won’t stay with us.

And sadly, this is exactly what most women do. There are very few men who actually DESIRE a HV woman because HV men are rare, themselves. Most are content with a woman who knows her role, plays her part and lets him shine.

A Successful Man Needs A HV Woman

If you desire to be a truly successful man, your lady WILL take you to that height of desire. HV women always support and love their partner to no end whilst having the attitude of “I’ll smack the shit outta you with a frying pan should you in any form disrespect me!”.

HV women do not and have never sought approval. I remember there was once a man who told me “I don’t like you Nadia.” and expected me to be annoyed by the statement. I’m not 15, I’m not at school and I’m not here to win a popularity contest. If one person doesn’t like me, that’s their opinion.

People have often mistakenly believed that just because I am pro-woman that I am anti-man. Says who? I find men physically attractive and it’s a man that I am going to marry. So there’s no such issue. High Value Women often get rocks thrown at them, sometimes in the literal sense because they do not cajole, beg and plead.

If you choose not to be in their life, they hold the door open for you. And that’s some measure of inner security. They don’t NEED a man. They desire and want his presence but he doesn’t complete their very existence.

I totally respect High Value Men because there are SO few that I have had the luxury of coming across. High Value Men are truly the men whose presence I would be humbled to be part of. They are the only men who make a HV woman feel like a real woman.

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  • I prefer articles on gender without biases being the base of an argument.
    This is one of them.

  • Na Taya

    Not trying to be a pain but idk what you are talking about. But I will say this value is in the eye of the beholder. And I completely disagree on the success comment. Having someone who loves you and supports you can go a long way but that will only do but so much. Michelle Obama saw potential in Barack and helped him along but I believe he would be who he is with or without her.
    And any PERSON that bets all their chips on someone outside of themselves is a damn fool.

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  • DD

    No Barack would not be who he is without Michelle…he says it himself…and girls believe him. Its that simple!!!

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