Dec 16


Quite often we are reminded of the hate and loathing that we as a people have for fakers, show-offs and loud mouth whiners. We hate them so much in fact that those of us that have earned the medals, the battle scars and the 3-level house feel inclined to hide it lest we be treated with the same disdain as the big-mouths next door. Why do we take modesty so far? Well the way that the public views celebrities is a good indicator of why many men and women hide their “medals”. People dislike the rich as a whole, they run comparison checks with their own lives when a friend or loved one has some success, and then they react in a way to make themselves feel better.

It reminds me of those drivers who make dumb decisions then when they see that you are looking at them they begin to curse you out because playing the villain is a better feeling than being embarrassed and apologetic. We hide our financial gains, successes, and experiences to protect ourselves from the villainous drivers in life but what we don’t realize is that we miss out the respect and adoration that comes from others. 

Do Better Than Regular People Do – Show Your Medals!

If you have a successful career and can afford the fancy sports car that you have always wanted, why are you avoiding it because strangers may mistake you for a douchebag with a trust fund? If you’re college educated and proud of the 4-12 years you’ve put in, why is your degree packed away in storage and not inside of a picture frame?

If you aren’t giving strangers some clue as to who you are and what you have done, you cannot honestly expect them to treat you any differently than the guy’s whose uniform you wear (metaphorically speaking). If I dress like a bum when I go shopping for clothes I will be followed or ignored by the monkeys managing the store but if I dress like a man of honor they will go out of their way to get me to spend. Same thing happens with attracting the opposite sex; if my medals say that I am an alpha male with money, I will do a lot better than if I look like a douchebag that lives check to check.

People use visual cues to judge us prior to meeting us and many will not take the time to get to know you enough to peel away the layers. Tiny hints into what a person has going on can do wonders for a first time encounter and if it is all genuine, you better believe that you’ll be somebody’s super hero. For single men dating this is an absolute must.

Wear It Proudly!

Do not let our ridiculous level of cynicism as a people force you to hide your identity! If you’ve been in action, throw the bumper sticker for combat veteran on your car because a guy like me will treat you better in traffic. Wear a $500 watch if the price is a drop in the bucket for you and you love the way it looks. Your business is booming and you have enough in the bank to take a year off? Get that suit tailored and keep your shoe game pristine!

Too many of us dress like paupers and then expect total strangers to think that we are not “greedy” like that other money guy over there. If you are holding back due to the sake of public opinion, I will tell you that you are doing nothing but playing yourself short. Pin the medals on your jacket and wear them proudly for the world to see.

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