Jun 16

Twittercidewhen you destroy or come close to destroying your career, character and relationships by tweeting offensive vitriol in 140 characters or less.

This week the awful game Duke Nukem Forever came out and was lambasted by game review sites all over the internet. One spaz by the name of Jim Redner who owns The Redner Group that once represented 2K Games (the company that released Duke Nukem) took it upon himself to commit Twittercide through the following tweet:

“Too many went too far with their reviews… we r reviewing who gets games next time and who doesn’t based on today’s venom”

Well needless to say Jimmy’s attempt at a blacklisting rant backfired and his little company was dropped by 2K Games about as fast as it took him to click “tweet”… then came a mile long apology letter from him to try and salvage anything left of his reputation. How typical, idiotic and unintelligent of “The Redner Group” – look I know nerds spaz out (*cough* Kanye West) and I know people treat Twitter like a second mouth hole or butt hole (choose your poison) but why would this be a good idea in any universe? Would you let a spaz like Jim Redner rep your company if he’s threatening your critics that he will blacklist them? Of course not, I don’t know how long he has struggled to build his company up but that tweet will set him back god knows how many years, he’s committed Twittercide!

Celebrities and athletes are good for Twittercide on a daily basis. They’re tweeting penis pics, vag shots, upskirts, they’re talking about their blind dates, fighting with their baby mommas – it’s pretty bad. Is common sense in such short supply these days that people think this behavior is cool? Look – if you are a public figure, a famous person, or the owner of a PR group that spazzes out like a rejected teenager, get the hell off of Twitter ASAP or hire someone with some composure to relay your life to it. There’s a reason why you don’t see many A-List celebs on there, Twitter does way more harm than good when you think about it.

So back to Jimmy The Spaz, is he the only person to blacklist companies? Of course not, but he’s the only idiot to air it out to the world. Get the hell off of Twitter people, it ruins life constantly and the proof is in the numbers – just ask: Sarah Palin, Rashad Mendenhall, and Gilbert Arenas. Tomorrow will roll around and of course there will be another politician live Tweeting his Johnson to some young girl, some comedian going in on homosexuals and an athlete making a racist joke. They will tweet it, then apologize and then get fired or dropped from their team. When did Twitter become alcohol? Look if you make more than 6-figures and you aren’t your own promoter, then get the hell off of there now!

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