Sep 18


When I was coming up in the world and rolling with men from all walks of life, there was only a certain type that hit on women in the streets. These guys:

  • Learned it from their uncles or older siblings.
  • Did it to impress us other males.
  • Swore by the all-or-nothing rule (talk to every woman and bang the ones who respond)
  • Were trolls who did it just to see women squirm away.

The guys who did the public cat-calling were hilarious. The naïve few of us watching these showmen “holler at broads” saw them as “pimps” and “players”, the girls who hated it and acted out were called names and dissed, while the smart girls laughed it off and artfully got themselves out of the situation.

Rather than join in with this activity to show how much of a “player” I was, I started to observe the success/fail ratio with street game. The ROI was little to none outside of the few girls that we already knew had no self-esteem. What I started to see was how much of a façade the activity was and more importantly, how much of a waste of time it was.

Fast-forward to today and this age-old activity of “game” is being lauded as a crime that women will no longer stand for. On the same blogs that angry women write lengthy diatribes about men asking them to smile and trying to “kick game” we have women saying that they feel no reason to pay on dates. Women are apparently now entitled to eat for free while we are entitled to shut the hell up unless spoken to. Please excuse me if I refuse to play along with this scheme.


Stop Begging and Be A Boss About Yours!

Men of honor don’t cat call, brown nose, or trick in this new millennium. Why should we? It’s a waste of time, we really don’t have to, and it’s more degrading to us than the “victims” we target.

Starting a family, finding a solid mate – a woman that complements you, all comes with a massive screening process. If all you want is a piece of ass, even cat-calling won’t get you that. Real guys are going to want more than that. Our stock has risen, even though some act like we’re no longer needed. This activity that men have done since forever (look at the image above) has been transformed into a nuisance. This is why it is a bit confusing for some.

If hollering at random, pretty chicks is your thing, do me a favor and observe the world around you. We are being persecuted for being men but the ball is still in our court. You no longer have to try so hard fellas, we are free to go our own way. We don’t have to put ourselves out there any longer in order to swing favor from women who may or may not be up to standard.

A high-value woman is not the beauty that is rushing by you in the streets because she assumes you want her so badly. A high-value woman has to show more than that. Be bigger than that men! A quality woman is the one who meets you halfway.

The last time I hollered at a woman in the streets is never, and I am damn proud to say this. I’m way too glorious to give up so much of myself to a random chick, and I would hope that you all reading feel the same way too.

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  • “A quality woman is the one who meets you halfway.”..well said

  • AriD2385

    I agree that men don’t need to *hit on* women in the street. But walking up to her and introducing yourself? That’s a great thing, imo. At least in my experience, there is a world of difference between the man who is like “Psst–lemme talk to you” and the one who says, “Hi, I noticed you have a lovely smile. My name is X…” I’ve met some really quality men who followed the latter. At the same time, I like to smile at people, so maybe I encouraged them to approach without realizing it.