Sep 17

Most people these days frequent some sort of gym to keep themselves in shape.  Whether you go to Powerhouse Gym, Lifestyles, Gold’s, LA Fitness, Bally’s, or any number of athletic facilities you are going to share it with hundreds of people.  Sharing anything with hundreds of people is typically never fun, convenient, or easy to do.  Since this is already an annoying process there are rules you can follow to make things less annoying for yourself and others around you.

Most people do not think their behavior in the gym is annoying or troublesome to other people.  That comes from the fact that many people lack the ability to analyze themselves internally, and identify things they are doing wrong or incorrectly.  Here are several things people do in the gym that are annoying to fellow patrons.

  1. Stop with the grunting everyone knows that you are in the gym working out, and that it’s probably difficult based on the amount of sweat on your brow.  That does not mean everyone wants to hear your internal noises as you pump through sets, it’s not like your body is doing the grunting.  You have to try to grunt, so don’t say that business about how you can’t help it.  Trust me chicks won’t think you are hot because you are in the gym grunting, especially if you have a chubby physique.  Keep the noise to a minimum, and no one will get mad if you grunted a little bit to push out that last rep on dead lifts.
  2. Quit the machine hoarding because machines in the gym are not sets of slot machines in Las Vegas.  It is rude to put your towel, sports bottle, and other things on one machine while you go work out on another one.  During peak hours this can be highly annoying when there is already a lot of contention for each machine in the gym.  People feel like it is okay because they are just going to pump out a quick set, but the set is never quick and people tend to forget they have the other machine tied up.  If you are one of those people who like to do “circuit” style workouts, then don’t do them during peak hours your machine hopping is sure to get interrupted.
  3. How about a little space while I am lifting, because I do not need you trying to slip by barely missing the weights as I lift them.  There is more than enough room for you to get by, and even if the gym is crowded a set does not take that long where you have to mess up my workout or risks bumping my weights as you try to slip by the machine I am on.  Not to mention that it is just plain rude, and most of the time it is not even necessary as there are usually multiple routes to get to the same place.
  4. Just shut up and workout, just because you see your friend in the gym does not mean I want to have my workout delayed or interrupted by your conversation.  Sitting at a machine shooting the breeze with a buddy for a half hour is a sure fire way to create enemies in the gym quickly.  Remember you are there to work out and get in shape, it isn’t a social club.  If you really have so much to talk about go eat together after you leave the gym, or call each other on the phone.  This is one of the most annoying things in the gym and everybody seems to do it, just remember when you are leaning on a machine talking others can’t use it.
  5. Walking around with your cell phone, in the gym has to be one of the stupidest things I have ever seen in my life.  You came to the gym to workout put your cell phone in the locker and worry about it when you finish.  People sitting on a machine talking or texting on their phone is almost as annoying as people standing there having a conversation.  It takes up more time on a machine, and then you walk around asking everyone did they see a cell phone sitting here when you lose it.  Not to mention you look lame, and there are weights, music, and muddled conversations going on in the background how can you even have a decent conversation with someone?  The only exception is if you have kids and have some reason to have your phone with you at all times.

There are many more of these but this is all I have for now. Remember the gym is a place that we all have to use, so keep it classy and do unto others…

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  • I’m liking 4 and 5. All I would add is that just because you see a guy in good shape does not mean that I want to answer 20 questions about diet and exercise. Nothing wrong with a quick question here and there, but other than that your cheap a$$ needs to hire a trainer or read a book.