Apr 23

Kristen Stewart looking bored

I mean no offense by this but whenever I hear an adult claim to be “bored” it just strikes me that they are a worthless, privileged person. Do you know how many struggling people worldwide would love to be bored at least once in their life? I know upon reading the title you thought I was going to dig into people for “not having a life” or being losers but seriously, teenagers get bored, adults should always be doing something, even if that something is relaxing and enjoying life; boredom is not an option.

Granted this is just my opinion, but to people who are actively working on a future, working to provide for their families and working for a better quality of life, bored people are simply in the way. Bored adults call you up late at night to see what’s going on and never understand when you tell them that you are working, writing, or playing a game. Bored people do not understand 60hr work weeks with the only prize being a day of peace of quiet… no they’re bored and they want you to help them fix it. How fair is that to a busy person?

Entrepreneurs and high position business people don’t understand what bored is so it is a conflict of interest when they have a bored friend. The bored adult will never understand a businessman or woman and an entrepreneur will never understand a bored person. Boredom is a sad state that I wish people would shake off and get proactive with their lives to defeat but it isn’t that easy is it?

If you find yourself as one of these bored adults, I would implore you to try some of these steps to getting past it before you drive your busy friends and/or significant others crazy:

5 suggestions to help you fight boredom as an adult.

  1. Start a business: This is a fun, exciting thing to do and it can be extremely helpful to your city if the business pans out later on. Many people shy away from this for fear of their business failing, but the success is only the end goal, the process is what is so fun for a new business. Read up on a similar successful business, make sure it’s something you love and go for it. Replace that boredom with some experience and money.
  2. Hang out with young people: Older teens, especially those in college always have things going on that you can be a part of. Sure you will be that old dude or chick at the frat house, but isn’t the point to have fun and party? Drop the stigma and change your friends up, a lot of older people are past this stuff so you will only remain bored if you think that your grown friends will change.
  3. Make a detailed bucket list: A bucket list is a list of things you want to do before you die and are more than willing to pursue them. These lists are normally short but as a bored adult you should make it lengthy and put in the work to get them done as soon as possible. Join the Peace Corps to make travelling easy, put aside a little savings for the Metallica concert and go at it full on. You will find that the experiences may actually change your outlook on life and you will not be bored for long.
  4. Adopt a hobby: This is something you borrow from a friend because your bored mind will make it seem as if it’s not that interesting to you. Fake interest in the hobby for a time and you will be surprised at how easily it may become your own. The same can be said of activities; joining a friend on a regular activity that he/she finds fun may actually turn out to be something you enjoy and before long it may help defeat your boredom.
  5. Keep it to yourself and change your terminology: Really the boredom thing is only a problem when it affects other people who simple will never, ever be bored. Don’t say “I’m bored”, say “I’m looking for a new hobby”, at least then people can offer suggestions that may help you get past it. Don’t express boredom on Facebook, Twitter or to your busy friends, like me the people hearing it will never have sympathy.

It’s simple why this is such a problem, the term “bored” is one that we have always attributed to lazy, privileged teenagers, so to hear a peer say it just seems bizarre. I do understand that a lot of us as adults have not really figured out what we are doing yet, or where we are going, but if you observe my list of 5 above, at least you can make an attempt at defeating your boredom. As adults we are given way too many responsibilities and opportunities to ever be “bored” and while this is only one man’s opinion, I am sure that many of your busier friends will echo my feelings on this.

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