Oct 28


I happened upon an article that happened to hold some excerpts that hold the claim to assist in understanding the male brain. I tentatively clicked on this article, wondering what would be found within. Would there be some meaningful insights that would shape the way that I would from here on in understand men??

I would not. Dr. Eric Haseltine, author of Users Manual for the Male Brain posits a theory and then a practical application for understanding the male brain.

Theory: The male brain is better at spatial tasks, such as visualizing objects in three dimensions, than verbal tasks, such as recalling words.

Practical Application: Explain difficult concepts—like why it’s important to keep the house neat—in visual terms, not verbal terms. Better still, show what you mean, don’t say it. For example, illustrate the benefits of tidiness by going to the other extreme. Scatter random items on the floor in his den. Put all of his shoes on the bed before bedtime. Drape a towel, preferably wet, over the big screen TV on Sunday before football games start. The visuo-spatial male brain will usually grasp the general idea you are trying to convey.

Okay. Well, it’s not that I disagree with the theory…I mean it’s a common enough concept that has been established with men. Men are more visual then women, hence their propensity for video games, racing cars and pornography. However, the practical application provided…I find it to be trite, stereotypical and kind of like a way of either playing games and intonates the idea that men are incapable of understanding and having a conversation with their partner. And heaven forbid, clean.

This is not to say that having a conversation stops the socks from piling up around my house, but leaving the socks around the house, even when that means that my partner is out of socks doesn’t work. I end up having the conversation and having to pick up a larger pile of socks.

The article continues on with some practical applications to assist men with their poor memory, and hitting objects.  All to be followed with some practical application that definitely did not “wow” me with its insights but rather left me thinking that the male brain may have some differences than the female brain but that as a human brain, the ability exists for learning, growth and development. So…I will pass on these practical applications and stick to conversations with my partner.  

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