Nov 12

black man cheating with white woman

There seems to be this lazy assumption by more than a few people that every man will eventually cheat on his woman in one way or another in his life. This assertion is not only approved of by many males but actually championed and echoed whenever the question is asked.

It is very easy for men and women to assume that men will cheat based on our nature of admiring the hell out of the female body. Men love to objectify women, this doesn’t change just because an army of feminists tell us it’s wrong to do so; it is in our nature. This is why men will collect skin magazines, galleries of beauties online, and even videos. It is why college freshmen paste up images of their celeb crushes on their dorm room walls.

Men love to ogle women. We do!

So when a woman assumes that the ogling will stop after her man has sworn himself to her it doesn’t click as rational to many of us. Men are going to ogle, and at times touch (one time for the strippers in the crowd) but not every man will cross the line into infidelity.

There are many men who take their vows and their promises seriously – think about it; men have served life sentences, gone to death row, and even taken their own lives to preserve Omerta. Some men are freakishly strong in their beliefs.

Many other men are weak when it comes to the flesh and when they made their vows they did so knowing that there is a chance it will be broken. These men, as many as they are, do not represent the whole. So when people take it upon themselves to tell women that “every man cheats” it is an offensive slight against the men who truly don’t and would never do it.

There are only 3 types who say that “all men cheat”: bigoted women, men who are cheaters, and men who aim to be cheaters in time. I would hardly call these people authorities on the subject of cheating.

Some women think that the men have no self-control and instead prep to blame the women who they cheat with for enticing their men to go to bed with them. I’m not sure what mixture of self-inflicted misogyny and paranoia would drive a woman to this conclusion but it’s damn near scary. Sorry ladies a man can think, act, and turn down ass on his own volition. Contrary to popular belief we’re not all savage animals.

You have to then think about a woman’s psyche if she does believe that her man will cheat in time… it would mean that her aptitude for trust would be null and void. She would be in his phone constantly, in his emails, smelling his boxer-briefs, and pulling her hair out in desperation.

We aren’t all cheaters, but yes many of us do and will cheat. So what does that mean for your relationship? Well it means that your love is a dynamic and unique thing between you and your partner. Now is he weak and will cheat if pushed? Nobody can tell until it happens, but if it does I can guarantee this – your assuming that it will, will not change it from happening.

Cut us a break ladies, and stop listening to bitter people and their generalizations.

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  • Chun

    hey dragon…I agree that ALL men don’t cheat..I think one problem with men is that they jump into serious relationships too soon, promising their chick the world, knowing they’re not the site

    • Thanks for your comment Chun and I agree that men do tend to jump into serious relationships too soon – but this is a catch-22 because women demand that men get serious very quickly. Cheating is more a result of unhappiness than say “wanting to try something new” so you do get a few early nuptials who end up hating one another and cheating.

      Coincidentally though from my own personal experience, I know several couples who married out of High School and only 1 out of the 5 has cheated (as far as what I know). The only guys I know that step out on their wives or girlfriends regularly are the ones who are just not convinced that they need to stay loyal. I know a few of these guys and there is no taming them in that respects… it makes me wonder what their wives were thinking – since they’ve always been this way (maybe that they can fix them).