Jun 13


In a couple of days your Facebook timelines, Twitter feeds and G+ homes will be littered with all sorts of appreciation grams for the fathers of your friends, family and associates. It will be a day of people expressing appreciation to dad on social media (who probably won’t be able to read it) so that everyone subscribed will see that he/she writing is an appreciative child.

– if you sense a slightly annoyed tone in my writing… it is intended –

Unfortunately this day that should be a celebration of fatherhood (read: MALE fatherhood) will be a time for opportunistic, bitter bastards (like myself #teamnodad) to post snarky-grams disguised as appreciation for our single mothers who “played both roles”. There will be people that were hurt as children taking the opportunity to garner pity from the masses or even worse lob bombs at those who are feeling too good.

Father’s Day, like Mother’s Day will have a number of people switching out their profile pictures to reflect a parent but the glaringly huge difference between these two days is that Father’s Day will bring out the bitterness in a lot of people.

Can we call a halt to this please?

Fellow bastards and jilted children of the internet I implore you to keep it classy on Father’s Day and to let the actual dads reading the timelines have a day to themselves that doesn’t dissolve into one of male bashing. I personally have a ritual where I call my mother and thank her, but I do not take it to Social Media as a cause to further bring attention to my absentee dad.

Who are you helping with your posts to mom on Father’s Day besides yourself? Is it a cry for help? I ask these things because on the other side reading it, the sentiment comes off as pathetic and opportunistic. If Father’s Day does not apply to you then why does it have to be an alarm to pull out the soapbox on how your mom is amazing?

How many of you reading saw posts on Mother’s Day thanking single dad for playing the role of mom? I’ll go ahead and wait…






Exactly. Please let the actual fathers, the ones who are fathers, have been fathers, are soon to be fathers, standing in for fathers, and much more… have their day. If your mom really was that much of a superstar like mine was, then keep it personal and pick up the phone instead of shouting your hate out on social media.

For all the parents who have been forced to play both roles due to death, divorce, or worse – we celebrate you with thunderous applause but there should be no cause to bash men on Father’s Day who have fallen short of their role in a child’s life as it is meant to be a day of celebration for those who did the damn thing right. Thank you.

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  • batman333

    I actually had someone leave me a voice message thanking me on mother’s day being a single dad. But you’re right it’s an after thought most of the time.

  • C4Kmom

    most Holidays are weird for us. I never buy cards for my in laws because there are no cards for parents who really weren’t there, didn’t care where their children were, let other mom’s and dad’s raise their children etc….all they care about is the amount on the gift card we gave them.
    then there is my family mom and dad are truly great examples of what good parenting is. Yes they made mistakes they are human but I did have a great childhood and they are still a huge positive part of our life .

    • Thanks for sharing C4Kmom, I wouldn’t buy those people cards either if they carry on in the way that you described. It’s funny how competitive this day can be with moms and dads too – especially if dad or mom gets a card and the other one only gets a phone call… I go with the call and not much else. Makes things a lot easier.