May 15

Men are taught to be strong, tough, and not take shit from anyone… If a Woman were to come out and try to Donald Trump the president she’d be called all kinds of bitches or turned into a punchline like Sarah Palin. Women get beat in the head with this notion of “that’s not right, that’s not lady like, that’s bad karma, sisterhood rah rah rah!” Fuck that noise with a NeNe Leak’s dick. Your mother may have told you to wait your turn like a good little girl, but I’m saying cut in front of that bitch because this club’s about to hit capacity! Romantic comedies, cartoons, even the shit they teach in school, it’s all sexist bullshit meant to keep girls in the kitchen. Look at history and see how they now label Cleopatra as a whore, called Joan of Arc a crazy Lesbian, and painted Elizabeth the 1st as a frigid cunt. Who do they parade as modern American Royalty? The Kennedys. Really? The King ruled and the so called Queen had no power, her job was to sit there and wave in her nice, soon to be blood splattered, pink dress. Where are the real women? Those who refuse to play by the rules? Those who want more out of life than what is on the table.

Spartans: The strongest women on the planet. They follow no one. They obey no one. They aren’t offended, they offend. They don’t wait, they take. They are the Alpha Females.

Not all women are Spartans; some strive to be but are still chained down by that inner kitchen bitch. It’s the 21st century stop being weak, stop being a follower, stop being shy, stop being pussy, and stop hiding behind this archaic idea of what’s lady like. I don’t care if its love, school, or your career— take shit from no one Spartan. There’s the pit—if she’s standing in your way kick her in the chest and watch that hoe fall in slow motion.

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