Mar 25

inhome date with strawberries

So you’ve been friendly with a girl from work for quite awhile now and you really want to hook up with her. Conversations with her have led to you finding out that she is single, actively looking for a man, and hasn’t had much success dating lately.

Although you are shy and reserved, you find yourself nonchalantly asking her to accompany you to your married friend’s birthday party and surprisingly she accepts.

Pro-tip: For a woman to go out of her way to risk looking like she’s your date to a bunch of strangers that are important to you means that it’s your game to lose. She likes you.

Once you walk into the house, introduce her to everyone at the party, be careful not to cockblock yourself by making any of the following noob mistakes:

  • Introduce her as “Sara my co-worker” instead of just “Sara”.
  • Choose to sit with your boys and leave her stranded because your awkward ass would rather hang with them.
  • Not introduce her and proceed to act as if you came alone (loser move right here).

When you bring that woman into the vicinity of friends you have to realize that there are 3 things you should be paying attention to. First of all you have so-called friends who will view her as fresh meat if they realize that you aren’t really with her. Second, this is a chance for her to see how you function as a person outside of work – put your game face on! Third, when it comes to moving things forward with a woman you like, catering to the heckling boy’s club is a bad idea. Be cool.

How to Stake Your Claim

Before I get into this let me warn you that some men are savage… yes even the ones you call friends. All it takes is an available woman playing nice and some guys will brush you off in there attempt to find a way to sleep with her. There is no claim staking with guys like this, they are not friends when women are involved – they are savage. Married savages will cockblock you too, I’ve seen it in action!

To stake your claim you have to let the other men in the room assume, or at least think that you are with that lady. It’s not hard to do being that just walking in with her will have people assuming that, but the little things you do with her can keep the wolves at bay.

  1. Be extra nice to her. You came with her and she doesn’t know anyone so talk to her; get her some Moscato; let her know it’s okay to let her hair down.
  2. If she’s an extrovert who starts to mingle on her own do not sulk or pout in the corner and do not run over to the boy’s corner to hang out all night. Make your rounds like she’s doing but catch up with her once in awhile.
  3. Lie to the savages. If you know your married buddy with boundary issues is going to cockblock in some fools attempt to prove he “still got it” – tell him you are talking to her or that you two are a thing. Who cares what he thinks, the last thing you want is her begging you to get her out of there because creepy McNasty was trying to coax her into bathroom sex with his wife distracted in the other room.

One of the main reasons that nice, shy, beta men lose their women to the alpha dogs in the room is due to them surrendering. Stake your claim quietly while making her think you are the sweet guy from work.

At the end of the night before you part ways go ahead and ask her out on a real date. If you played your cards right and she wants to see more of you this should be easy. Afterall you’ve scored points with her, you’ve kept the animals at bay, and before long you will have an office wife to take extended lunch breaks with.

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