Jun 28

Men, step up and claim your women. Is it me or do we have a sort of retreat by men as a whole when it comes to the more alpha type women? If we see the assets blooming, the bank account full and her attitude solid, we slink away assuming she’s a bitch with an agenda. I need to know when was it that our balls started shrinking and moving north up into our stomachs. When did it become an unwanted challenge to slay a Dragon, cut down other knights and climb a tower in order to claim a buxom babe as ours. Why are we afraid of a career woman with a little bit of attitude? Doesn’t the reward far outweigh the hassle once the shields have dropped, the thighs have parted and you share in the pleasures of partnership and romance? I know exactly what it is boys, you think she’s going to say something.

When you are worried that some small imperfection is going to be called out by some elitist, ball-breaking, liberal diva on a date with you, that is when you forget that you are a man. You sit in front of her awaiting judgment, hoping that she will be different and hoping that at any moment she will show her claws and give you a reason to escape. You are a man my friend, this extends beyond balls, shaft and testosterone. It means that you should bully the hell up, take hold of your ego, lay it all out on the table and tell that woman that you are for her. Put it back on her, does she want to be a lonely, bitchy stereotype or does she want to get down and win some trophies.

When you bring fear and preconceived notions to the game of courtship, you are playing a losing hand before the dealer even cut the cards. Confidence, bravado and a bit of trial/error was all that our fathers, fathers had back in the day. Yet they went through all the trouble to talk to her parents, ask their permission to even see her, then gift and charm her into liking them for marriage. Nowadays we have it made, women outnumber us, their parents could give a crap about you meeting them first and marriage is an old construct that isn’t the end-all to getting some loving. Yet we shy away from women because they are “too sassy”, “too independent” and “too bitchy”. What are we afraid of really? If she calls you out like a bitch and embarrasses you, then she just saved you many months of problems were you to have connected with her.

At the end of the day, a woman’s strength and accomplishments should not be the means behind her being single. Her being a picky, unrealistic fool with a list longer than Santa Claus should keep her single enough. Grab your balls my fellow men, step to these strong, sexy, working class hawtes and show her that you are stronger and when the shit gets real, she can have your hairy chest to lean on. Man up boys, stop making excuses when it comes to stepping to these women, break the barrier and score you a a winner.

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  • Iveta

    Yeah, bring it on guys. Don’t be afraid — just be flirty and challenge her a bit. You have no idea how much a woman like that wants to find a man who won’t cry and run away to his mommy after the first joke she cracks; and how much she longs for that banter that no one seems to be able to handle and give to her. If you find a woman like that, know that most men shy away so if you can actually hold your own and be funny, it’s very likely for you to hit it and for her to fall for you right away. Your advantage over the 99% of men out there is that you got the balls and you are where most guys wouldn’t dare to step. You’ve won 70% of the battle.

  • ManUpfool

    Well said, my friend. Well said.