Oct 01

My fellow former athletes and workout enthusiasts of yester-year, please for the love of God rub your eyes and wake up. We have a shortened scope and a view of ourselves as the teenagers busting out 11+ miles for the wrestling team but the reality is that kid has been retired 10+ years. One of the things I notice about my fellow former warriors is that they underestimate the power of food believing that a harsh workout cures all. Here’s the thing fellas, working out is only a fraction of the whole when it comes to being in shape. You are wasting your time if you are going to the gym regularly and are throwing down the same sorts of food that your “regular” friends are (unless you are on some sort of steroid).

Mack the ex-Running Back

I have a buddy named Mack who used to be a running back as a teen all the way up till College. Mack has had a life of women throwing themselves at him as a stud running back and his genetics and training regimen echoed his commitment to all onlookers. As Mack entered the business world his gut protruded, he developed a lust for the finer things and his large salary made access to the unhealthiest of wealthy foods easy.

Mack wants to be fit again so he goes to the gym – this is easy for the ex-athlete, a little bit of pain and it’s easy coasting for guys like this. Mack however takes it easy on his diet and sleep, these alternate two being crucial to any workout plan. Mack orders potatoes by the boatloads, drinks sweet iced tea and sneaks a dessert here or there. During Football season he’s popping chicken wings, chips and sucking down sodas with the “regular” guys so his physique is all over the place.

Smart Eating Is Greater Than The Gym

The thing that would bring Mack back to Mount Olympus is if he traded his commitment to being solid on his meals and sparing the weights – that’s if there has to be a compromise. Listen my friends, diet is optimum, it controls your body and as a man, not a teen, as a man you have to be careful about what you eat. Mack should be doing his best to avoid white starches (rice, potatoes etc.) and keeping things simple and light. It has become common knowledge now that multiple small meals benefit your metabolism a lot more than three huge meals. Slow down Mack and get that iced-tea unsweetened and use some Splenda instead. These little tips are a Google search away for anybody, the point is, you need to get serious.

A good rule of thumb I have about eating is that as a big guy it must be high in protein, moderate in carbohydrates and almost non-existent in fat. When I eat, I eat small to moderate portions, which is tough because I am a Foodie (for those of you who love to throw that out as an excuse to gorge yourselves). I cut my meals in half and take a box home if the restaurant gives generous portions and if I feel full at anytime I consider it a failure on my part. You do not want to feel full ever, serious gym people do not use the words “I’m stuffed!” unless it’s an excuse to get that person out of your face who keeps trying to stuff you.

Just remember ex-athletes, just because you could suck down Cokes and maintain a six-pack at 18 does not mean that at 32 it will be the same. After 23 you hit a bump that changes things and your body needs to be retrained in a much harsher way in order to obey your demands at being sexy. DO NOT neglect a healthy diet in lieu of working out extra hard and do not fall for the okey doke. Maintaining a god’s body is hard, but you have to make a decision here and now, do you want to be that spritely old man playing basketball with ease, or be his best friend bent over on the bench. Get serious.

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