Sep 28

I’ve been taking notes on people that I have met throughout my life and one thing that sticks out is that age is a state of mind. In terms of logic, age of course is based on your time since birth but psychologically age is what you make of it.

People who live in the now tend to be younger than those who are stuck reminiscing on a time period in the past. I hear more whining about “oh I feel so old” from people that are quick to recall how cool they were in high school as opposed to people that are excited about where they are right now.

I can honestly say that my own mother is younger than many of the people I know. My mother has a million things going on, is still goal setting and goal achieving and she celebrates every birthday with much gusto. I am both lucky and proud to have her as a role model for aging gracefully as opposed to some of these people I see rushing off to the grave, reminiscing on their teenage years.

“nobody gives a crap about your self-glorifying teenage stories”

I had a woman I worked with that was 39 when I first started the job (I was about 21). She would go clubbing on the weekends, sit around telling us how much fun she had in high school and boo hoo cried her eyes out on her 40th birthday. This woman was a pathetic example of the subject at hand. I can imagine her being bitter now that it’s been over 10 years – yelling at kids and poking at em with her cane (I’m being very sarcastic here).

How to get out of your Old Man/Woman slump

One of the first things that people need to realize is that nobody gives a crap about your self-glorifying teenage stories. Not even your own kids want to hear about how you threw the game winning touchdown or shot the final basket at regionals. Nobody cares so stop telling them, seriously, those stories are boring and I’m sure that when you get that blank look from your listeners you reflect on your current life and feel like an old failure.

What are you doing now? Does your life suck? Then work on making it better. Get yourself some goals, remove age from the equation and enroll in school, learn a trade, hike that mountain, marry that shop keeper. The point is that you need to get proactive and leave the dream state alone.

Trust me, there will always be losers in your life to call you old just to jab at you because they think it’s funny. These people are losers so their opinion should be moot. Do you, do now, and live forever long. The body is just a vessel that breaks down with time but you do not have to sacrifice your spritely mind with it.

You will never get sympathy for your age and nobody cares how great you were at a certain age because all we know is what you are now. Get over yourself and let it go, if it’s that important then write an autobiography and sell it.

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