Jun 05

beyonce knowles performing

Here’s the thing my fellow Joe and Jane Ham-and-Eggers, the world a celebrity lives in and the one that you and I live in are staged in different realms.

In Celebrity World you have the luxury of time, long – money, people for hire and did I mention money? With the best supplements, a trainer to wake your lazy butt up in the morning and a plan, you can become Chris Evans a lot faster than you can now as a civilian.

Many times we watch movies and we exclaim in astonishment at the marvelous physique of one of the actors, but come Monday when we see our co-worker with a great physique, we chalk it up to him just being a freak obsessed with his looks. Am I right?

Beyonce Knowles, Alicia Keys and Mariah Carey are not you; Jennifer Hudson is not you, and these women have a completely different life than you.

The other thing about the drastic weight-loss by these celebrities is that you have absolutely no idea, none, as to what they have done and where it’s being imported from.

Celebrities make a living from being flexible in becoming whatever character they play; they have to stay slim and sexy to keep album sales up; and there are a few who are being paid by fad diet companies to represent them.

How do you compete with someone who has that much more opportunities and resources than you? It’s an apples to oranges equation based on your life which involves a 9-5 job, children, and an inflexible schedule compared to the mysteries of the life which the celeb you are idolizing is living.

Look to your peers for motivation not a Celebrity

If you want to get fitness tips,  you would be better off talking to a trainer or the person in your life that lives a fitness lifestyle. There are many people we pass by every day who have gotten over pregnancy, depression, and life’s hell, in order to create a banging body that they are proud of.

It is becoming too much of a fad now for tabloids to announce which celeb has “miraculously” overcome their baby weight to now look better than they did prior to being pregnant.

People read these tabloids and assume the celebs to be super-human, strong, dedicated, and a number of other things to put them beyond you and I and what we do to get the same results.

There is nothing super-human about a celebrity, actress or singer with the exception of their god given talents and drive. You yourself and a number of people who work regular jobs can be just as impressive with the correct information and will to bounce back.

It’s bad enough that we have already ordained celebrity as the monarchy class of our mundane lives, but let’s not get it twisted when it comes to diet and workout. You don’t know what they really do to get the physiques that they have; all you have is a magazine picture and a few inventive writers to trust.

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