Jul 19

girl in backseat

There will be times that come along in a man’s life when the pressure of family, friends and society leads to the single life seeming inadequate. It’s quite unfortunate how nosy people can get and how much judgment is levied upon others when they don’t fit into the slot of “normalcy” that the rest of the mundane world has created for them. Whenever I get those sort of questions I either answer them honestly or tell that person to mind their own business and not worry about mine—depending on who it is—but I understand that my frank attitude is not one that many of you have.

One thing that I want to bring across to you young men out there who have felt the need to lie to long distance parents, friends and others that you are dating someone is that you will feel a lot better about yourself and your life if you make honesty your choice. Stop trying to impress others by pretending that you have a girlfriend. People are never satisfied with where you are in life (trust me), they aren’t because the main reason they are asking you questions on your relationship status is one of a number of things:

  1.  To make sure that you are “normal” and “happy”.
  2.  To make sure that you aren’t gay and “in the closet”.
  3. They are asking because it’s just conversation and asking you passes the time.
  4. They assume that you are unhappy and being single is the reason.

None of the items I’ve listed above warrants any sort of care on your part as to what they think about your answer. They will ask if you have a girlfriend, then they will ask you if you’re engaged, then they will ask you when you’re getting married, then it about your kids, then it’s about more kids, and it goes on and on in an endless string of nosiness.

The worst can be your peers and friends who you party with because there is always that one line-crosser who believes that getting you laid is his mission in life. Stand by your principles and ask this white knight to back off and stop playing you so close – if he continues to push then cease hanging out with him. We have all been there before in one facet or another, for older men it is the married people in your life who want you in their miserable club and for younger men it is the kids who think they’re baby Adonises who will be bugging you.

There is never a good reason for pretending to have a girlfriend gentlemen, and the practice of staying honest about this will make life a lot easier for you as you get older. You don’t want to be the spaz bragging to his family and friends as soon as he gets some action, you want to be the cool, mysterious guy who may show up with a date on his arm, or he may roll solo and be just as good. How gangster is that?

Have you ever found a need to lie about a girlfriend in the past when people were giving you the 3rd degree? I would love to hear about it.

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