Feb 06

I am about tired of these commercials, not because of the underlying clueless racism in them, but the fact that they are tired and very late to the party. Last year (2010) it was open season on black women as blogs and the media took to task the “solving” of the black woman’s single problem. Every single day on “black blogs” there was post after post bemoaning the plight of these women in their single-hood, while an underlying and sometimes well hidden insult was  being ushered against the black male. This was black people attacking black people about a problem that isn’t exclusively black – but let them tell it. From the war that ensued between the successful  but single women and the “relationship experts” who chose to capitalize on it their rose the image of the bitter black bitch.

Who is The Bitter Black Bitch?

Well turn on your television and you won’t have to wait long to see this chick. She has her neck rolling, fingers snapping and there is normally some poor black dude that only wants to love her, being made to kiss the concrete as she mashes his balls into liquid on the pavement. This chick is normally partner in a Law Firm or some other highly respected corporate position, she is childless, in her 30s and hot, except for the bitchy scowl on her face. Most of us out here in the world knows that this archetype of woman is not the majority, let alone most of us would tell her to kiss our ass quicker than it takes to leave her with the check once she starts popping off like this. But like anything else in Black America once the mainstream media gets a hold of it – this happens:

Pepsi’s Cringe-Worthy Super Bowl Ad

Explanation of Offense for The Clueless Hipster: The commercial was innocent up until the last few seconds (I get it, she wants him to stay off the unhealthy food items) when a blond pops up all fit and fine which is a deep-rooted issue for black women. If you need further explanation as to why the hot blond killed it I will direct you to the all-knowing Google for help.

How it could have been non-offensive: Make his wife a white chick and make the fit one either black or anything under the sun. The commercial hints at the white woman being the island of solace from the angry and emasculating black wife.

The Message:

  • Hey Black Women, PEPSI Obviously Hates You, Switch To COKE!
  • In other news, Blonds are much nicer and in shape!

What the Clueless will say:

  • It’s just a commercial and a funny one at that!
  • Why must “you guys” take everything so seriously?

For the people who I deem Clueless, here’s another gem from the past:

As I prepare to watch the Pittsburgh Steelers get upset by the Green Bay Packers I will leave you with this. Advertisers you need to really get people in your hire that represent their section of our cosmopolitan country with a bit more knowledge. These ads look like Carlton from Philly strode in, you asked him how to make a diverse ad and he dropped this one on you, you laughed, gave it the green light and caused millions of people to face palm from their living room couches. What’s next for advertisers like Pepsi and State Farm? Asian women crashing cars? Jewish guys hording money? Or will we get a chick, bare-footed and in the kitchen popping a Pepsi as she takes a break from cooking the roast?

If this is diversifying I would prefer us going back to the time when blacks are just not on commercials period. Do better.

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  • These are the same two commercials I address in my article. Couldn’t find any other recent commercials, but the same point is made. Good work.

  • I cringed when I saw this commercial. I totally agree, I’d rather black people not even be in commercials vs. us being stereotyped like this.

  • sheila w.

    all the black commercials are horrid. get them off tv for good.