Oct 23


If you are a modern gentleman, one of the things that you will stay on top of is your personal appearance and this extends from looks to your living environment. Mess and clutter has been a stereotype of men that goes back a long ways; it reasons that men’s carefree attitude towards life leads us to becoming slobs in need of a woman to help us clean up. Knowing more than a few women that are slobs along with men that keep their pad together, this stereotype is false but many people do struggle with keeping their homes in order.

What can you do? Well the number one thing to keep in mind when taking on the discipline of cleaning up, is that it is always better to do things “right now” rather than “later on”. When you wake up, spread your bed “right now”. When you finish eating, wash, rinse, then put your dishes away “right now”. If you see something out of place, put it back in place “right now”. See our terrible habit of putting things off leads to trifles being forgotten and in time those trifles merge together to become a problem.

“…slobs in need of a woman to help us clean up…”

People who cook and leave the kitchen looking like a bomb exploded will barely want to deal with the cleanup detail afterwards. Cooking has gaps where you can sit and stir, or keep things moving with some busy-work. Why not start cleaning and filing away the spoons that you will no longer use or the bowls?

If you find that you have way too much “stuff” how about selling some of it for some pocket money? Online solutions are everywhere to allow you to sell just about anything and you can rely on websites like: Amazon.com, Ebay.com, and Craigslist.com. Whenever I replace an item in my home instead of hoarding the old one, I quickly sell it. You can sell old cellular phones (even broken ones for parts), old televisions, clothes, shoes, media (like DVD’s, games, etc.), there are so many options. Better to get some money for them rather than build up a mountain of crap that your guests have to kick out of the way whenever they enter your room.

Do me a favor, look around your place… do you see any surface that you could consider as clean or bare? People who clutter tend to use up as much real estate on tables and counters as they can. You will not find a dinner table with space to fit a plate on; bathroom counters become a trash heap of makeup, stray hair balls, and used cotton swabs. When the surfaces fill up then the floor follows next, so you have to convince yourself that surfaces can be clean, you don’t have to fill them up. Your collectibles can be filed away into boxes, drawers and cupboards. Items that haven’t been used in over a month can be filed away for use later.

Why Not Clutter?

Without clutter you will have less unimportant things, and having less unimportant things makes your important things even more special. When you need to find something, you will know where to find it – imagine that. When company comes over, you will no longer be scrambling to put up a false presentation of cleanliness and neatness. When you come home from work or after a trip you can freely relax without worrying about “tidying up”. Your home will become your temple.

There is something extremely confident and solid about a man that has his house in order. For guys who live in clutter and dirt, it makes it appear as if you want a woman to come play mommy and hand you chores. Which would you rather be? That’s what I thought, so let’s get it together and kill the clutter.

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