Apr 07

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For the longest time we have seen Hollywood showcase “the strong silent type” as the epitome of manliness. Turns out that they were not too far off the mark. Recent studies have shown that quiet men are regarded as more manly and attractive to the opposite sex and both men and women prefer mates whose voices sound familiar in some way (source).

I want to stay a bit on the deep voice thing though since it pretty much debunks the whole ideology that women are no longer liking macho men.

Researchers at McMaster University have found that women were more attracted to men with masculine voices, at least for short-term relationships.” – source

The downside to this of course is that the same women who are attracted to the James Earl Jones and Keith David types assume that eventually they would cheat. Women in these researches were found to like lower voices, accents, familiar voices, and certain tones. The strange part for me in all of this is when I learned that the men’s voices that the women found attractive were also the ones they voted as most likely to cheat on them…

Men Who Cheat On Women Are Sexy?

“But we found that the more women thought these men would cheat, the more they were attracted to them for a brief relationship when they are less worried about fidelity.” source

The numbers don’t lie folks and it seems that there is definitely something to all of these men with deep voices that I see with 17+ children from different women. Something about having a slippery, noncommittal, Darth Vader in between the legs does something for the fairer sex and I am not even going to try to understand it… not sure if I can.

So What About The Men, What Do We Like?

Let me get this out of the way before I delve into our attraction… I personally don’t have a preference. A deep but feminine, raspy voice like Angie Harmon’s from Rizzoli and Isles can get it, but so could a higher pitched Gillian Anderson (dat accent). I personally feel that it is the other things that sets a woman’s voice apart (accent, intonation, tone) rather than the level, but what do I know?

Based on a new study by Molly Babel of the University of British Columbia in Canada (how you doin’ doc?) it turns out that we men love gaspy, breathy voices like that of the late Marilyn Monroe

I can’t even argue back against that because I really like Marilyn Monroe’s voice. On the flipside all looks aside, if I had to deal with a week of Kim Kardashian’s voice I think I would take a header off the 16th floor of a building.

So what kind of voice do you find attractive? I know that the deep voice thing will be looked at as “der well duh!” but with the popularity of the Ryan Goslings of the world in this modern age, there will be many women that will argue back against it. What gets you going? The Barry White bass tone, or the Justin Timberlake falsetto type?

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  • Rico

    Co-sign the Kardashian statement. Sometimes the look isn’t enough to hold me down. I like a woman with a raspy or sexy tone to her voice. The high pitch, squeaky types annoy the hell out of me and are hard to continuously listen to..