Aug 20


Do you find that a woman in red to be irresistible? Well.  a recent study in Canada found that men were more attracted to the color red on a woman more than any other color. The study was done through the participation of 124 women from the US and Canada and was published in Psychological Science. The study revealed that women tend to wear various shades of reds and pinks more while ovulating in order to improve their chances of attracting a mate to sleep and procreate with.

From the blog of Dr. Justin Lehmiller: Research has found that women attempt to enhance their attractiveness when they are ovulating, a finding that many scientists have argued is an evolved mechanism designed to increase their odds of conception. For example, not only do ovulating women choose to wear more fashionable outfits than women at other stages of the menstrual cycle, but ovulating women also experience changes in the pitch of their voice and their body movements that make them more desirable to men.

Lady In Red…

This all makes complete sense to me in terms of the color red which has always been associated with danger, mystery, sex, sexiness, and women. Remember The Scarlet Letter? What about the prostitutes in the “red light district”? These are cues we get through popular media and culture with regards to the color red.

In the study (which comprised of 100 American women and 28 Canadian women) it turned out that 40% of the American women were more likely to wear red while ovulating compared to a mere 7% in the non-ovulation group. For the Canadian side the percentage comparison was 26% as opposed to 8%. So you see, with these numbers it does lead one to think that along with dressing a bit more “fashionable”, women are more likely to wear the color red than not.

Men Agree…

Psychologists from South Brittany in France can get behind this study being that their own research – which queried 120 men (ranging from ages 18 to 21) brought about similar results. The men felt that women in red had “greater sexual intent” and were more likely to sleep with a man than a woman in another color.

Studies on various online dating sites also found that the women who were the most successful in getting connections were the ones who had on red in their profile picture. Men have also been found to spend more on a woman in red and are genuinely more receptive to her demands.

What do you think of this study? As I described before, it is pretty much a learned practice our appreciation of red on a woman. We see a sexy red dress placed strategically in pictures, movies and photos and we are taught that red is a “naughty” color that is the preferred shade of the seductress. So is this wearing of red a product of our human preference, or is it that when a woman wants to be sexy, red is one of the first colors that she chooses?

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