Feb 28

slim sexy park hyun sun

Want to know why you aren’t having as much sex with your husband or boyfriend as you should? A new study by the University of West Scotland says that it may be due to your waist size.

700 men who varied from ages 35 – 65 were made to fill out lengthy questionnaires about their sex lives and it was evident that the men who had less erectile deficiencies and the most sexually active lifestyles were those whose partners were slimmer and younger.

The study concluded that overweight women had a lower sex drive due to abdominal fat and low hormones. At the same time men’s general preference for a slim waist on their women leads to a higher chance of sex happening for women with tiny waists.

In terms of primal reasoning for men to prefer sleeping with slimmer women; men associate slim and fit with healthy so naturally the want for sex and reproduction is heightened with a candidate who fits this description as opposed to a woman who seems unhealthy.

Sounds like this study is telling us as much useful information as saying that water is wet right? Of course a slim waist is extremely sexy on a woman, especially here in the west. Just take a look at the types of gadgets and fashion (corsets) that have been used since forever to make a woman look sexier. It has always started at the waist regardless if a guy is a breast man, ass man, skinny chaser, or a chubby lover.

As if the court of opinion on losing weight needed more ammunition right? Well we can only speak for ourselves and most of the men I know would put in overtime for a killer pair of legs and a thin waist. How does this study strike you denizens?

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