Sep 24

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If you’ve ever tried having a civil discussion with a “strong” woman of today you will know all too well what happens when you suggest that women of a former age were a lot more feminine, lovable and supportive.

We as men lose the chance to speak when we utter certain words – namely: feminine, submission, and gold digger. Any of these words will turn the conversation into an argument and you will have gone from a “man” into a “misogynist” in her mind.

As a Modern Gentleman it is no longer our prerogative to tell a woman what to do and what to say. Using the word submit, obey, or “cater” will bring forth the wrath of every self-proclaimed feminist to tar and feather you into the netherworld of shame. Today’s woman will not be treated like a Betty Draper or a Margaret Schroeder. She won’t have it – so what’s a man to do when attempting to discuss his wants in a woman?


I’m not asking you to give ground in your conversation gentlemen but we have to swim carefully when in a pool of angry women.

When men ask for a woman that will “submit”, most of the time we mean to say “compromise”. We want a bit of compromise from the same women who are unafraid to rifle off the laundry list of “must-haves” from the luxury man of their dreams. A man may wish for his woman to be supportive (another word mislabeled as submission); a woman who is loyal and patient when times are hard; and a woman who is willing to relax some of that list in order to make the relationship work.

Listening to the angry section of the female race will make a man feel as if it’s all hopeless. It makes us feel as if all women are out to compete, and of course in competition it takes one side to submit before the other is proclaimed victor. Well love and relationships are NOT a competition my dear men so don’t slip and fall into that barrel of emotional nonsense. Angry women can be very contradictory – calling all men worthless and unnecessary in one sentence, then aching for a Denzel Washington or Idris Elba in another.

Mind your words when speaking to the woman that you are willing to let in irrespective of her evil sisters who litter the commentary of feminist blogs. Do not use the word submit… settle for “compromise”. See it even feels nicer rolling off of the tongue.

Until we can find a way to navigate the minefield of hot button words that set women off into the maelstrom of wrath that comes with being offended, we must be extremely transparent about our feelings. We all want a woman willing to compromise, a ride-or-die chick that will hold us down when the going gets rough, so lets not ruin it by using the wrong words.

The word to use is compromise and you should also remember that it comes at the price of a little give and take. Try it the next time you get into one of those conversations about “women of today” and see how different the conversation feels. Stay classy gentlemen and thanks for reading.

See some words or phrases that you don't understand? Check out The Dragon's Lexicon.
  • If you mean compromise then say compromise. If you want support then say support…..
    verb (used with object)
    1. to give over or yield to the power or authority of another (often used reflexively).
    2. to subject to some kind of treatment or influence.
    3. to present for the approval, consideration, or decision of another or others: to submit a plan; to submit an application.
    4. to state or urge with deference; suggest or propose (usually followed by a clause): I submit that full proof should be required.

    If we are BOTH submitting to each other then that is one thing but if submit means me…. it aint happening captain!!!

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