Feb 02

Run like Secretariat

Does it seem like you can never catch a break? That every time you take 3 steps forward you wind up being thrown 5 steps back? Well here is a story about winning against all odds. Many of us might have seen the Disney movie “Secretariat” a while ago, and I caught the tail end on TV a few weeks ago. It left me feeling so inspired about what it takes to win. 

This is the story of a beautiful 2-year old chestnut horse (lovingly nick-named “Big red” by his groom), who as a 1-to-10 favorite, came from the rear to win two important derbies by two and a half lengths in under 2 minutes. However, his true worth was to be tested in the Belmont Stakes (1973), a 1.5 mile run, which would be longest race of his career.

Well it was believed that the first 2 races was a fluke. A stroke of luck! His competitors gave him credit for speed but hey knew he just did not have the stamina for a longer race. But Secretariat had other things on his mind. He selected this race to silence the naysayers, because he thundered down the field and held the lead few minutes into the start to become the first Triple Crown champion in 25 years. Everyone was aghast at the speed and the pace, worried that this was too fast too soon. He won by an unbelievable 31 lengths in 2 minutes and 24 seconds. The record still stands today.

As we begin this month of February, you are probably disgusted at yourself, and the broken commitments you made on New Years Day to do better and be better this year. You might be beating up on yourself and your feelings of unworthiness to stick to a winning plan. Take heart and shake it off! 2015 is still your year. Let’s look at Secretariat as our example.

In the 16 months of Big Red’s career, he was busy. He competed in 21 races, won 16, but finished in the money, in all but his first race. He was an odds-on favorite horse 17 times, and ended up winning 13 of those races. Albeit having this awesome record, Big Red was no stranger to disappointment. He entered his debut race on July 4th, 1972, as a favorite, and came in a heart breaking 4th due to being impeded at the start.

How many of us would have just thrown the towel in then? If Big Red had made his first race define his status, he would not become the first two-year old to be voted Horse of the Year among his many other accolades. What I walked away with from this movie is to get out of my own head. Go with my guts. Don’t become predictable.

I encourage you:

  • Choose your race and RUN!!!! – Its not about the glory, its about who you are.
  • Success is intentional – it’s not a game of luck. It drives your every movement.
  • Tomorrow is another day. It’s not about falling or failing. It’s about getting up and moving forward.
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