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According to a lot of men, the idea of a suitcase carrying woman in a pantsuit does not vibe well with the happy housewife image that is the conservative ideal. This accounts to many of the issues women with strong careers have with finding a peer (in business) to date and marry. Men aren’t necessarily looking for a “lesser” woman to marry but they are looking for a woman who fits into the mold of what is shown as the ideal. Donald Draper looks for Betty Draper not a Peggy Olson aka the career driven go-hard that’s pretty but focused on the prize. Sure this doesn’t account for every male who shies away from single professional women but it describes a healthy chunk of us that run for the hills when we know a woman is an earner.

Men who seek a woman to start a family with do mostly go into it with an ideal candidate in mind. Most of the times these men aren’t visualizing Clair Huxtable or Vivian Banks, men see the busy housewife whose life IS the kids, who preps dinner for them to come home to after a long days work.

The Lower % of Men That Seek Out Successful Women

There are a few gentlemen out there however that see the big picture; men who are of a more modern-thinking set and can take the job title with the motherly abilities of a complex woman. Most of these guys marry quickly, are enjoying their complicated but mega-successful lives and do not regret marrying the part-time mom, part-time CEO. Many of their wives change hats and convert to full-time homemaker based on the situation, but there are others who have not skipped a beat with balancing work and family like champions.

On the flip side you get a few weirdos like myself who sees the housewife scenario as a brutal prison of normalcy which comes with finding activities for the bored wife (and kids), along with summer road trips to the in-laws and personal space being a non-factor. I know I’m different but I’m being honest when I say that it sounds like hell… My dreams involve traveling with my mate, continuously learning and creating along with quiet time on request when I get in my moods. See the weirdos like myself view successful women as a buff to assets and wealth-building; we seek it, welcome it and plan for the Jay-Z/Beyonce union where anything is within reach.

However, I make up a small percentage of the male populace, so given those odds… single success gal can have a tendency to stay single for long periods of time.

Succumb Woman, or Die Alone!

Men will play ball at times especially when a woman is beautiful and aggressive in dating, but when it comes time to flip the dates into a relationship he may analyze and think to himself “this chick would never settle down and have my baby”.

There have been shows built on the premise of the busy working woman… Girlfriends and Sex and The City come to mind almost immediately. The bad thing about these shows however is that the women are cast as unlikable harpies that no man in his right mind would opt for regardless of looks. Real women are more varied (some of you are real sweethearts), but the obstacles that the women face in these shows are still the same. The men who you regard as peers cannot see you as a mother to their future children.

So I pose this question to you hard-working Spartan caliber ladies out there that are single. Am I making sense, or do you still believe it’s due to men being intimidated by you? I pulled these thoughts after hearing it from the horses mouths that live and die by it (men who married their Beth Drapers), but I would love to hear your take on this. .

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