Nov 22


Being pussy-whipped can be a circumstantial thing or a habitual thing. Some men live to surrender to any woman who has sex with them and it comes at the expense of friends and family. Even regular guys may have it happen to them once in a blue moon when they run into the woman of their dreams—or a woman who is so good in bed that it takes them by surprise and blows their mind.

Some men aren’t that crazy about sex and will always keep their minds despite how good a woman is in bed. To men like this it doesn’t matter how beautiful she looks, or how liberal she is with sleeping with them; they keep their heads. Other men are not as strong and fall quickly in love whenever sex starts happening.

Then there are the guys who we call suckers, or “sucker for love” who treat sex like a shot of heroin – they get high and develop a habit. See to a sucker it doesn’t matter how good she is; every woman is a succubus.

Sucker for Love

Many of us know guys who disappear whenever they are in a relationship. Some of the guys who vanish do so to put their all into wooing the female in hopes of gaining a wife and starting a family. These men get wrongfully labeled pussy-whipped for shifting their focus and are confused with the guys who vanish to become suckers.

Let me be very transparent about this – nobody likes a sucker, not even the women who are with them because they end up labeling them as “clingy” before kicking them to the curb.

Suckers are in it for the sex and that is it; they have to have it, and it plagues their minds day and night. So while they may have a job, family—married guys cheating can be suckers too–and real life responsibilities, it all takes a back seat to their need to be inside of that woman.

Curing The Disease

As far as I know there is no cure for men who habitually get whipped whenever they enter new relationships.

Unfortunately the only “cure” is when the woman either dumps them or cheats on them when the honeymoon period ends. For the people in that man’s life, picking up the pieces becomes a normal occurrence that tends to follow every relationship they get into. It is a very annoying process and those of you who know someone like this are probably nodding in agreement.

The only thing we men can do is to stay clear of the situation when it comes to friends that are suckers for love. Do not become their convenient hang-out whenever she leaves town and do not rush to get involved—the girl always wants to meet his friends. Trust me, the pattern always ends the same, so do not enable these guys when they aren’t thinking clearly.

If you see yourself in this description of a sucker I would urge you to consider your friends and family when you get into relationships. You aren’t yourself and you will eventually lose friends if you continue on like this. “Falling hard” is a luxury only afforded to teenagers but for you as an adult it is very different, it is you being a selfish nuisance to those who love you.

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    I think it’s pretty relative.

  • Lonnie F

    I commented on a similar post around here some time ago maybe over a year ago. This sums up my main man from back in the day. His chick tried to infiltrate our circle and when that didn’t work I guess she went all out and sucked his soul out thru the tip because he looked like a shell of a man when I last seen him. He’s completely domesticated now w/ kids and marriage. He can’t even say whatsup without being awkward. I try to always be thorough with people I care about because at least I’m doing my part. That’s all I can do.